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Hello gorgeous people :)
How are you doing now ?
I hope you all doing well.
While I typed this post, I was thinking about a mistake that I did over and over again.
I love eating snacks and chocolate, then when I've got them in my mouths, I would feel great regret.
I wont shy to tell everybody about my weight, I'm 60kgs, I'm fatty girl here since I'm not a tall girl.
I always wish to drop my body weight around 14pounds (that's one of my life-time goals), but it seems difficult to let go that habit (eating snacks and chocolates) T.T
I have promised myself to do my 'self-made' program and I already registered myself at one of gym center in this town, still, nothing can stop me of munching foods.
Everyone around me said that I should make a commitment to not eating those frenemies, but you all know, it's easier said than done.
Making a commitment is easy, but to keep it as a commitment, it's really really really really not easy.
I know it's real impossible when I want something but I don't do anything to achieve it.
I'm so hopeless :')
Now, I really need big motivations so that I can really accomplish whatever goals I want to achieve.
Ice watch / grandma's vintage sweater / Cotton Time bag / The Little Things She Needs flats / Lowrys Farn shorts / Naughty ring / Warlock hat



  1. I love your style, u'r a really pretty girl!

  2. I like eating chocolate too, but I don't like snacks. Maybe that's why I've never felt guilty or regret to eat chocolate.
    .Keep moving to reduce your weight and the most important is you eat well. Anyway, i like your pants :)

  3. love your accessories! and thanks for the lovely comment, following you now! :)

    Metallic Paws

  4. lovely outer <3 i love eating choclate and all sweets too, i just cant help it :p

  5. lovely look!


  6. such a unique and fun look!
    me love this outfit1

  7. Such a cute outfit! You look amazing!

  8. Amazing shoes and top. Good luck with your goals, how can do whatever you set your mind to.

  9. cute smile with a cute outfit ;p

  10. Agak tembem sih, tapi tetep cakep kok. hehehe

  11. adorable!! i really like that top!!


  12. great pictures ... your really pretty :-) and i love your bag it is sooo cute <3



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