In Case

1:36 PM

Don’t say “I can’t” before you even try.
Don’t give up before you start.
Don’t ruin your life over something so dumb.
Don’t ever get too involved with someone’s life.
Don’t hate because you are jealous.
Don’t fall in love when you are not ready.
Don’t trust anybody.
Don’t put high expectations for everything.

Many times we feel worried, disappointed, get angry or sad easily just because the things didn't turn out the way we wish/expect it would.
Things happen beyond what we can imagine in this life, uncontrollable, spontaneous and sometimes unbearable.
Life isn't perfect, neither are we.
Things will be alright if we've prepared ourselves for anything that could happen.

Just in case you feel too depressed just trust God :)
It's the best solution ever.

Hilltop shoes / Cessorie blouse / Casio watch / gifted pouch from Myra / Naughty necklace / Heyailey. pin collars



  1. love the outfit ,, simple yet chic :))


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