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I really believe that God gave me a chance to live and different paths in order to make a difference.
Just like my case, I was dying to be a medical student, but it seemed like there wasn’t any chance anymore to make it happen.
My dad kept saying if I want to get accepted in medical school, I had to study hard and take another test and pray for the best.
But when the time and the situation came right in front of me, I refused to follow, I didn’t take the opportunity.
I don’t know why but everything is just falling into place like bang bang bang and it’s of scary though, well nothing goes the way I want it to.
To be a medical student is no longer my passion anymore hehehe now, I’m pretty cool to be a public health expert.
I know, God has made the best plans for me :)
I believe the fact that everything is falling into place is just proof that this is the right path for me and from now on.
AMEN :))
I'm more liking to play with patterns these days.
Just like this outfit, patterns are everywhere.
Even sometimes some people love talking and saying that I am weird because of my appearance, I know they don't like my look, but is it really bothering them?
Sometimes, I feel sad because they throw some bad even harsh comments up to my look.
After all, it is about confident.
I am really confident with myself.
It's nice to be dare to wear what you really want to wear :)
Dr. Martens shoes from jellymintshop / handmade statement necklace / Innowave collar blouse



  1. cute outfit, love the polka dot skirt! :)

    Metallic Paws

  2. simple and gorgeus outfit.

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  3. Hey.. nice vintage look!

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  4. I love your blouse! I have shorts with a very similar print!! :-)


  5. cute outfit <3


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