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12:32 AM

Happy Saturday everyone!
Just a quick little post this morning to share with you all some things.
First of all, I am finally wearing my Nike Elite Casual shoes to campus for the first time this year!
Some friends looked at me with their own weird stares when I wore it last monday, but I didnt give a care.
Second, my beloved auntie, Mike Tumanduk who has been taking care of me while I'm in Manado is having her birthday today.
She must be feeling happy and grateful as this day is her day :)
Oh, oh, I smell that today will fulfill with joyful moment and a lots of delicious yet spicy, sour sweet and oily foods, I know they all are going to ruin my program, but it doesnt matter though, the most important thing is everyone's happy :)
Hope you have a good day all.

Nike Elite Casual shoes / Fashion Art ring / Ice watch / Long Champ bag / Heyailey. pin collars / Noi Noi blouse / Rb. Space glasses



  1. so grazy outfit, but i love it sweety! fantastic mix of colors :)

    ANECIA WAS HERE- more than passion ♥
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  2. Adorable! Love the skirt!

  3. Cool baby Cool..! :-) How come you always find awesome styles in latest fashion clothes.. You are indeed fabulous..! XOXO


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