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My phone's pouch is actually a chocolate pouch from Pakistan, gifted by my sistar, Myra.
"A word's just a word'Til you mean what you sayAnd love isn't love'Til you give it awayWe've all gotta giveYes, something to giveTo make a change"Oh, oh, oh, I knew you must say something when you see this photo below, it looks like edited photo, actually the light was just so good to take a photo and you might think that my face looks brighter and shinning (just like what my friends said), right?Sssst I am going to spoil the secret behind this shining face, to reveal the beauty products that I usually use daily, just wait :)Till the next post, ciao :)
DIY studded denim necklace / ethnic batik bag / Walk In shoes / Nile Perch tartan skirt / Italica Essey blouse / La Clef outwear



  1. So cute pics! Love the skirt! Check out my new blog post... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?


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