No Pain, No Gain

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Happy friday gorgeous people.
I wanted to share you my recently routine here: Work Out and my current favorite shoes: Nike The Overplay VII.
Oh, and one of those things that I'm currently passionate about is zumba, I know I am not good at dancing, but when it comes to zumba, I’ll shake my body up lol.
I’ve done exercising in Global Gym and Aerobic Center here in Manado since last month.
I've been hardly exercising to get my body healthier and burning my fats to get an ideal body shape (in case to achieve one of resolution I made HERE).
I'm more concerned to get an ideal body shape and be a stronger girl, I don’t want to be a weak girl, it’s proven since I was in junior high school when I for the first time joined basketball and do a lot of sporty activities.
No pain no gain, you’ll never be able to achieve anything you want, if you don’t do something towards it.
It’s like, if you don’t want to get fatter, you have to change your eating habits, eat more vegetables & fruits, don’t eat too much sweet cakes or chocolates, eat high protein foods but low cholesterols, try to let go the snacks, the chips, oily and junk food.
Let me tell you a bit about my diet, I had to sacrifice a few things like missing out my ‘take a nap time’ because I usually go to gym in the afternoon, I don’t drink soda I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, I don't eat rice but I eat oatmeal and boiled foods (potatoes, eggs), I eat vegetables and fruits more often, but I still have the day when I can eat whatever I want (I’m talking about parties and events) and the hardest thing is to sleep earlier, it’s hard to make a commitment when it’s about sleeping hours.
So far, I get the good results by doing all of these things, I saw the difference in my body and have good amount of sleep.
Now, I need to lose weight around 13kgs, I really hope I can achieve my fitness goals for this year!
Some pictures taken using my phone's camera:

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Congratulation for the winners :)
And cheers to a better week ahead!
Stay healthy and be happy :)



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