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Happy Mother’s Day to all gorgeous and super mothers in the world, especially to the woman who I love the most, the one who used to comb my hair, the one who always be there whenever I feel alone, the one who always cheer me up and support me till now, the one who always send her silent prayers for me, I think of you, mama Selvi Tumanduk :*

Mama, for a daughter who doesn’t know any better, I thank you for always loving me and raising me with your unconditional love.
I’ll become a proud daughter who always smile brightly to you and dad.
Umma jeongmalroh saranghaeyo :)
My tightest hugs always belong to you.
I always try to become a warm hearted person to you and everyone.
Stay healthy and I love you.
Sincerely Laura, your one and only daughter who’s always sorry to you :’)



  1. you're similar :)
    in poland where i live mother's day is on 26th of may!

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  2. I think EVERYDAY is mother's day, first is love, second is respect! But mother's day celebrated as a gentle reminder to us to thank our mother for everything....
    Happy mothers day...

  3. great post!would you like to follow each other?
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