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Again and again.....
I cant stop talking about my favorite Online Shopping Mall.
eFoxcity always offers everything that you need and you want, guys.
New products that can awake your interest have appeared in their stores.
They have such cute and amazing products!
All I can say is that eFoxcity will truly make your day better :)
Do you love these dresses below? I do!!!
Just imagine yourself to be able wearing all of them and you will feel like a celebrity.
I really love dresses you can wear over and over again because atleast you know your money didnt go to waste.
The best part is the prices are affordable, you wont regret it, I bet.
You can see them all on Discount Homecoming Dresses & Celebrity Dresses
So, what are you waiting for?
Take a look and explore their site!
Oh no, I couldn't join my family-time schedule as I spoke about on my previous post because of faculty's activity named PBL :/
Gosh creepers / Adidas watch / Eva Donna blouse / A L'Aveuglette pleated skirt



  1. Lovely outfit, i love the skirt and shirt! xx Maylis


  2. You are so cute dear!
    love your bag and shoes :D


  3. love your shoes!

    Join my giveaway here and have the chance to win $100 gift card!

    Hope you join!

    Nine Of June

  4. I like the clothes, they look very gorgeous, I believe that you put on must be very fit. I like all kinds of party dresses.
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