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Fashion is interesting and fun.
We can experiment with different styles and enjoy the pleasure of breaking out of our comfort zone through the language of clothing.
The most important is fashion has no rules.
I love to express myself & my mood through my style and my clothes really have a deeper meaning to me, I don’t dress up to be looked pretty, I dress up as self-expression.
What I wear it describes my feeling, I really enjoy combining colors and prints and patterns.
I won’t shy away from experimenting with different (uncommon) looks because of unwanted attention.
To me, fashion is magic, it helps to boosts my spirit up and distract me from stress at the same time.
It’s a magic, right?
As a student college, a treasurer of Student Senate and a basketball player, I used to spend my day outside.
I usually have plenty of jobs to do.
School really taking over my time.
I almost spend my 10hours at campus everyday, and actually 3 hours at the gym. I’ve always been a busy bee on weekdays.
How could I stay fashionable during menstruation?
Because I have Laurier Super Slimguard with quick lock system that absorbs liquids much faster and tie it in so that the surface remains dry.
It’s effectively prevent translucent.
So I don’t need to be afraid to wear what makes me comfort.
With Ultra Thin 1mm Laurier Super Slimguard, I have no reason to worry anymore, I’ll keep wearing whatever I feel like to wear and feel comfortable with what I wear during my menstruation period.
 Gorgeous people,
Please help me to win Thin Is In Competition held by Laurier, by :
Voting OLLYVIA LAURA ARNOLD, (School Girl Look) as MANY as you like with just one e-mail.
This means a lot to me :))
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