Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow

11:30 PM

This time, I bombarded this blog post with a lot of pictures because there are so much pictures that I don't want to waste.
Hope you don't mind, gorgeous people :)
Showing you some failed-aegyo.
I laugh a lot when I see I forced myself too hard to be cute.
Bring your camera, so when you feel bored to death, you can use it and make them as memories.
Pictures do better than the words.
These days, we laugh too little and too much angry.
Feel unsatisfied and sad instead of enjoying the life that God gave to us for free.
It's not always easy though but we all should see the best.
Stay yourself, keep your head high, leave people who hurt you behind and keep moving on.
Enjoy your life because you live only once!
Be satisfied.

Ray Ban glasses / Masai top / Casio watch / Nike Elite Casual shoes / A L'Aveuglette pleated skirt



  1. You pulled off the skirt and runners really well! Cute photos x

  2. Great post dear, I do the same whenever I'm out with friends. Love your casually cool outfit, you are so cute.

  3. love the collar on your blouse and those perfect round glasses!

    Lady à la Mode

  4. amazing outfit!!! fantastic combination!!


  5. You styled your look very well! :)

    xo Saretta
    The Lion in Jewels

  6. cute glasses!
    sure we can follow each, let me know if you followed, and I'll do back then ;)


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