What's In June 2013

10:27 AM

Happy Sunday gorgeous people?
How’s your weekend?
Mine is little bit annoying but I thank God becausee I’m still breathing :)
This June was a busy month I could say.
But, I’m thankful because exam period finally over and my queen momma is here.
And oh, I miss exercising so much, I’ve been gaining my weight, too much foods I ate these past days.
Somebody, call personal trainer please?
I make sure next month I'll be back to the gym-life ^.^
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Some of you might know that Google Reader will be shutting down on the first of July which means you will lose the list of blogs you follow literally.
I personally use Bloglovin’, so you can follow me with Bloglovin if you want :)
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NOT TO FORGET : Please help me to win Thin Is In Competition held by Laurier, by :
Voting OLLYVIA LAURA ARNOLD, (School Girl Look) as MANY as you like with just one e-mail.
This means a lot to me :))
*Don't forget to check your inbox right after voting to get the votes verified*
I hope you guys are in a good condition.
Stay healthy and happy :)

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  1. hello again!
    welcoming July with bright smile! :D


  2. you are such a doll, Ollyvia :)
    love your vintage top with that pretty flower headband!
    good luck on your Thin is In competition!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. Amazing pics!! you are so cute! Thanks for the comment on blog...of course I would like to follow each other. Following you on Bloglovin.

    Style Without Limits

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. love your style! very vibrant and summer-ish :D



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