Don’t Start Your Diet Tomorrow, You’re On A Diet Now

9:24 AM

Oh, how I miss to work-out.
I’ve been stopped myself to go to the gym because I had been busy to prepare myself to face Final Exam and PBL.
As you know, I really love eating, so I gotta work out more ;p
And I decided to start my diet exercise again.
Today, I posted some tips to handle food craving that I read on mydietcoach :

1. Do some exercise: it’ll relieve the craving, help us lose weight and we’ll feel a lot healthier
2. If you feel hungry at night, just go to sleep directly
3. Reduce your carbohydrate consumption, eat high-fiber foods and whole grains
4. Resist the momentary temptation to eat by getting absorbed in your favorite hobby : read your favorite book, drawing, watch a movie, shopping or do your papers
5. Go for a walk, it’s better to burn calories instead of eating and gaining more weight
6. If you are eager to eat snack, just eat a small healthy snack (no more than 100 calories)
7. Drink a glass of low fat milk or sweet vegetables juice and not to forget, eight glasses of water every day
8. Brush your teeth, then the tempting taste of food will disappear from your mouth
9. Eat a small portion of the food you like just to have a taste, but if you cant resist eating it all, better avoid those foods altogether
Last, but not least,
10. Imagine everyone around you staring at you because you look so damn great after losing all that weight, imagine yourself being able to wear whatever you want to wear, imagine getting rid of all that fat in your thighs and what it would be like to have a flat stomach.
It’ll be worth it.
To start living healthier, it’s all in your head.
Can’t you?
Think carefully before you eat, make wise decision :)
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  2. thank You for visiting my blog and comment :)
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  3. Love your shoe so much! <3

  4. Very isnpiring post :) I really should work out more, but I am just too lazy, I am hoping to change that :)

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