Lips Are Sealed

11:15 AM

I’m as excited as you because I still have another long weekend.
Even I’m definitely not too happy about that.
This holiday supposed to be a nice moment to catch up with family & friends in town, but here I am, reading emails and just relaxing myself at my room.
I have been feeling quite drained out juggling PBL things, campus sweet-sour life, my own social life and for leaving this blog for 3 days, I’ve been not in the mood to blog lately, I am so sorry for that.
But it doesn’t mean I don’t like blogging anymore, I still enjoy blogging literally.
Enough blabbering!
I went for a simple look wearing black skirt with a simple shirt.
I paired it with my current favorite shoes.
Happy Sunday gorgeous people.
Always be a blessed to each others.
God loves us :)

dr.martens from itskoreanshop / Two Step shirt / Naughty necklace (worn as bangle) / eFoxcity leaf gold necklace
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