PK2MB 2013

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“What if rather than spending time thinking about the ways you want to change things in your life, you set out to create a life that by its very structure would move you in the direction you desire”
Hello everyone!
Just a quick blog post for today.
I shared some photos, I and my friend took on PK2MB 2013 held from 14-16 August (it’s like student orientation).
I'm on my study break right now, actually I'm going crazy preparing for PBL report ;p
Ganbatte self.
To all freshmen of this year, welcome to the campus-life.
This is the year where you will go through a puzzling phrase where you don’t know who you are going to be and where you are going in life.
It’s okay, it naturally happens.
Take it one day at a time and don’t worry, just breathe and live.
You will figure it out soon, when the time comes, you will figure it out.
Enjoy all the good things and the pressure of campus-life.
Being student college is not that easy, but your best four years starts from there :)
 As your senior, I hope you guys could find your passion in this public health world.
And always remember that we are Public Health Student who soon to be public health expertswe play a key role in preventing illness and promoting health.
Don’t be lazy, keep learning and always contribute to the society :)



  1. Beautiful pictures! Love your skirt <3

    Would you like to follow each other? If you want, let me know :)
    Maria from

  2. Thank you dear :)
    I follow now on Bloglovin.

    Have a great day :)

  3. the color of you shoes is so nice. love it!

    Neon Attract


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