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Before you scroll down this post, I just want to tell you that all the photos I blogged since a week ago were old photos taken a few months ago.
If you’re wondering why?
It’s because I currently have allergic problem.

I have legs swelling because I ate a lots of junk foods (fried chickens) and unhealthy snack which is called kacang telur 3 days in a row.
Pretty much greedy, ey? ;p
I’ve been wearing maxi skirt to the campus these past three days.
And because I don’t want to bother you with my so-not-good-looking swollen legs so I decided to not take outfits photos these past days.
Now my legs are on the way to recovery so soon as possible I will post my recently outfits <3
Now, are you ready to scroll down?
Let me share some outfit photos my brother Rolando took last month, when my whole family (less daddy) from Balikpapan and Laos came to visit all the relatives in Manado.
(I am sorry for the photo-bombarded here)
I looked super weird here but who cares, the view behind me is super great.
I warn you to just focus on what's behind me ;p
Now introducing you my new Euro Style Skull Heard Gold (Statement) Necklace sent all the way with love from China EFOXCITY (
Why I call it statement necklace?
Because that necklace catches all the attention.
You can have yours now, just click the link above :)
Notte Hoyn brown coat / Gosh creepers / Avenue leggings / Charms top / eFoxcity skull heard statement / Ripcurl snapback / Ice watch



  1. oh wow these photos are amazing! you look so gorgeous and the location is beautiful!
    I'd love to follow each other, now I'm your fan on Bloglovin!
    let me know when you follow me back!

    Emma xx

  2. Thanks for the comment, sweety!

    Beautiful place!!

    I hope you get better soon and start posting again!


  3. aw I hope you get better! <3 the swelling sounds horrible :(

    Metallic Paws

  4. lovely!
    wanna follow each other on blog? let me know
    kisses from Bali

    sweet and sugars,

  5. Nice background and cool outfit !
    Gws for your legs !!

  6. loving this outfit of you!! perfect jacket, cap and necklace<3333


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