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9:14 PM

Been struggling with three reports these past two days.
This weekend totally was destined for “making reports”.
Bad side, I had no time to do window shopping.
Good side, I totally felt so productive.
Okay, let’s stop here.
Now let’s talk about my new babies Nike Lunar Forever.
When I was passing by Sport Station, this pair totally caught my attention.
Without thinking twice and have no care with its price tag, I bought this baby.
This pair of running shoes is my current favorite shoes.
I’ve been wearing running shoes wherever I go (campus, gym, mall). 
And, I am now thinking to collect more running shoes in the future ;p
Sneaker enthusiast, me? Absolutely yes! 
In my defense, I love exercising and going out for runs or to do some extreme activities, so I get to use them on a daily basis.
Last but not least.
Yesterday I received a gift voucher sent by Laurier Team as winner of Thin Is In Photo Competition.
So, THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who voted for me sincerely in
Although I didn’t win the big prize, but I am happy.
Without your votes and supports, I wont be a part of the winners.
Send kisses and hugs to all my good people :)
And the photo bomber award goes to this guy, a colleague who is also a friend from the same gym.
Came from nowhere, he took a part of this “outfit photoshoot” lol
Because I looked good, so I posted this photo too.
Nike Lunar Forever shoes/ 1977 pleated maxi skirt / MASA II lace collar top



  1. cute shoes, Laura <3

  2. What a cute outfit, you look adorable in these pictures, I really like your sneakers!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  3. Love to try new things then thees sneakers are good option for you to choose.

    Barker Marine

    Men Shoes UK

  4. Your shoes added a lovely pop of colour to your outfit :)

  5. hay check mine guys!<3 thankyouuu


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