My Problem, Your Problem

9:12 AM

Being a public health student is a new experience to me.
I’ve never thought I could pass these past two years with tons of great opportunity meeting great lecturers who always inspire me to keep moving forward.
I’ve never thought that I could meet so many colleagues with their characters and egos.
I’ve never thought there’s so much to learn about this public health world.
Conclusion, I never thought I would be so in love with this major, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you might know that I wanted to be a doctor.
But I realize that dream will be just a dream.
I think I have no more chance and I don’t give a care with that.
I am living my life now, living my passion :)
Anyway, I want to introduce you this Madeleine necklace I got from Hanaru Park last week.
I super love this pastel necklace, even though you might disagree because I combined this necklace with this style.
I know this is your first time seeing me wearing this footwear, a lots of people here gave their judging eyes when they saw me on that day.
Well, once again, I don’t mind with their judging eyes, it’s their problems.
I let them to struggle with their own problems LOL
Only narrow minded people who think that having blog is useless and tacky.
It's my problem if I want to document my outfits, it's totally my problem if I wrote it on this blog.
Well, well, some people are only good at judging others.

Tomkins sneaker wedges / Hanaru Park necklace / Adidas watch



  1. i follow you dear) waiting youre following tooo )))

  2. beautiful outfit!♥ love the watch! it's so cool!:)

  3. cute top! I really like your yellow bag too!

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