Family Outing

9:24 AM

A month ago, as I told you on my previous blog Rock N Roll 
My whole family (less daddy) from Balikpapan and Laos came to visit all the relatives in Manado.
We drove all the way to Tondano Lake-Bukit Kasih-Bukit Doa on a weekend and end up having karaoke time with sister and brothers at NAV and had late dinner at McDonalds, damn holiday successfully made me gained pounds of my weights hahaha.
We arrived at Bukit Kasih around 11am and it was rain, we decided to leave the place plus we were hungry to death, so we were looking for a restaurant.
After more than an hour eating, we came back to Bukit Kasih!
Here are some captured moments :)
Found out two Korean joined in our family photo frame LOL



  1. Great pictures! Family times are the best <3

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  3. great blog:)

    wanna follow each other?:)

  4. awesome pics!!! you have such an amazing family dear!!!! oh.. and I really want to go there too!!! :)
    love your post! wanna follow each other? let me know dear♥

  5. SO happy family :))
    I love your necklaces, too bad it sold out

    Chic Swank

  6. nice pics! looks like you had an awesome time with the big fam bam!

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  7. hello!
    Thank You for visiting my blog and comment.
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