Happy 47th Birthday, Queen Mama

8:50 PM

Happy 47th birthday to the woman who I love the most, my queen mama who can pass as my oldest sister.
May there be pleasant surprises, tons of joy and infinite blessing go along with you, mom.
Stay healthy and always be happy.
Thank you for always being the way you are.
I always feel blessed to have mommy like you, you taught me everything I know about life.
You are my number one inspiration.
Words cant express how much I love mom and dad.
I know God will always bless our family :)
I remember when I was young I always took your clothes just because I felt in love with yours, thank you mom for always sharing your stuffs with me.
We share everything, right mom?
You are one of the reasons why I started blogging.



  1. I hope your mother had a great birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday to her! You really look like her! :D

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