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6:14 PM

These photos below were actually taken a long time ago, when my mom and relatives visited me two months ago.
We decided to go to Bunaken Islands right after my brother from Laos, Rolando came to town.
I live near Bunaken and I never really get bored when I'm there.
In fact, I really love being there, that's why I brought my family this time not my friends from another provinces! Hahaha.
It was such a great bless when our family finally gathered again in the beautiful paradise, Bunaken Island <3
Ok, I look super chubby and fat here, I admit it I am getting fatter and that's really annoying >;o



  1. Loving your outfit! Would you like to follow each other on Facebook, Bloglovin', GFC, and/or Instagram. Please let me know if you're interested.

    Louisa Moje


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