What's In September 2013

9:42 PM

I don’t know that we’ll say goodbye again to August.
I can say that these past few weeks of September have been quite calm but always turned upside down.
Suddenly it’s just like someone who stole my heart without my permission.
My heart is feeling happy and grateful.
I can’t thank God enough.
One thing that made me happy in September is I've gotten my ideal smartphone, SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 (in white color) from LINE INDONESIA, Yay!
Life's been so good to me.
Thank You so much, my God, Jesus Christ :)
Tomorrow, we will enter a new month.
October has always been my favorite month of the year.
Why? Because I’ll turn twenty year old this month.
Although I still have bad news of the month (the worst I can say) “Exam Period again”
I have to focus on my study.
I always hope every month will be better and blessed.
Anyway, I watched Insidious; Chapter 2 at movie theater today.
I've watched a lot scary movies my whole life, but this movie was pretty damn creepy and confusing.
It’s a good movie but still the story-line just gave me a lots of thought.
Enough said, I don’t want to talk about horror movie.
Oh, I want to thank you so much my gorgeous readers for your supporting comments on this blog!
It always means so much to me.
I feel much better every time I read your comments.
Thank you again, friends, I hope I could send you back lots of hugs and blesses in real life.

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  1. nice photos ! & great blog :)
    Maybe we follow each other ?!
    If yes, let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)




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