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7:14 PM

Hello everyone, it's been a while :)
Sorry for the lack of update, I'm kinda not feeling very well lately.
I’ve been exhausted these days although I had five days off.
I’m sleep deprived and ate a lot.
I feel so lazy to do my assignments since I need to accompany my family.
This week, I’ll face my first mid-term exams in fifth semester.
I need to kick out my laziness as soon as possible and start studying hard!
Please wish me the best :)
I can’t get over the fact that we are almost done with October and 3 days more to my birthday.
I’ll turn 20 year old this month.
Wow, time flew by real fast. 
I really do have so much to be thankful for everything happened in my life.
I cant thank enough to God :)
As I end this post, I want to thank to everyone who’s given a portion of their time to read this blog and made me a small part of their lives #ILIKETHAT
I sincerely thank you <3

Pulcheer_ shoes / Puma watch / J.Rep leather bag / Avenue floral dress



  1. Cute dress :D love the color


  2. What a lovely dress and bag you have there!

    Anyway, I've been following your blog.
    Mind to follow me back? :)

    Glad to know you.


  3. Just checking out your old blog posts. You have such a unique sense of style. I love it.


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