What's In October 2013

9:24 PM

Hello gorgeous people, how are you doing now?
I hope you are fine and feel so blessed.
Cant believe, October almost over, we will welcome another month again tomorrow.
Anyway I officially turned 20 in this month, and I always wish that I could be a better Ollyvia.
I just had my lesson learned today, the time I woke up, I opened my instagram account then I saw some comments from people on my instagram, they gave their responses to my previous comment on someone’s ig photo.
I know I was wrong to say that, I didn’t mean to hurt her feeling by saying ‘you look fatter but still pretty”.
It just my spontaneous act to write down that word into her ig photo.
I didn’t mean to criticize her appearance.
I am so sorry if my words could give a scar to someone’s heart.
I think I should be more careful whenever I want to give a comment.
And I apologize sincerely to my lecturer because I acted so bad as a student, I wont check my phone anymore when the class' started.
So to all the people out there who had listened to my ‘not-so-good’ words or had seen my 'not-so-good' act,
I am really sorry.
I’ll be a better Ollyvia in the future :)
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  2. Hello!
    Thanks foy your nice comment in my blog!
    Dont worry, nobody is perfect and sometimes we wrong, your intentiones were not bad, so your conscience is calm!!
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