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Some people here still ask ‘why do I blog and post my outfits that they think it’s a silly thing’.
I really enjoy blogging as an outlet which could create and increase the creativity (mix and match clothes, write nice and inspiring personal diary, take great photos, or story-telling).
I do blogging as a hobby.
And it's totally super fun!
Without I realize it, my style has started to change and I need to document it.
I already wrote about the reason why I Love Blogging but they seem too confused and curious about it.
I don’t bother with their judgments, all I can do just endure the negative feeling and embrace the positive atmosphere.
My happy pill when I’m blogging is your sweet, kind and encouragement comments in every blog post I made.
It brings so much positive feelings to me, it keeps me motivated to blog.
I don’t want to be the old me who sometimes spread bad words to some people because I feel annoyed or just simply having a bad day so everything seems so annoying.
Watch out your words, think before you speak, people.
Your self-righteousness might disgusts people around you.
The reward of keeping my blog posted is far more than sponsorships in my opinion.
I don’t have much sponsorships like other bloggers do.
While those can be nice perks, the real validation I've felt through blogging is the feedback and friendships that have been formed.
Feedback and keeping in touch with my fellow bloggers are my favorite things when it comes to blogging.
I've met so many lovely people through Something Real Serious that I never would've come across if I hadn't started this blog of mine.
I definitely think it's so important to communicate by replying comments and receiving comments because that's what makes blogging such a cool hobby :)
I truly wish I knew all my blog friends in real life and could meet them all :)

thethingscorner shoes / Naughty socks / Faded Glory denim shirt / Ice watch / gifted bag from Theodora / Loly Poly iPhone 4S case



  1. I think do what you love and continue doing that! :D

    I love your polka dot skirt, cute outfit!

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin / Check out BASI

    Cassandra | Backtofive

  2. Skirt is great! I just like the shorter :)
    How about some common follow the GFC and bloglovin? Take first, let me know and I'll follow you :)

  3. I like your blog.
    I follow you and I hope you can follow me back

  4. Great photos and great outfit!


  5. Everything is so mismatched it's great! I love it, its so refreshing C:
    fabulou-se bloglovin'

  6. i love having blogging as a hobby too, some people dont understand haha!
    anyway loving this outfit!


    ♥ Ellen
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