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"You are strong, you can hold yourself"
Back to my old photos of my gym-fanatic self.
I needed to fit in my old jeans.
If you guys follow me on Twitter & Instagram or privately we follow each other on Path, you're witness to my workout addiction.
So anyway, I used to exercise at the gym 5-6x times in a week.
There were days wherein I was way too paralyzed to move/get out of bed (if it hurts, it works!).
I’ve basically been living in these Nike Lunar Forever since I’ve remembered.
They have to be my favorite pair of footwear right now.
They are extremely light & make my running time around town or doing zumba dance at the gym a lot easier!
It’s giving my feet a little break you know.
Now, I am doing my new lifestyle.
Have you guys heard about OCD by Deddy Corbuzier?
I need to lose around 12kgs till next month.
I also have commitment if I fail in this progress, I will not enter any blog post for three months.
So we will all see the result at the end of this year :)

At this time, I want to share some tips to start a healthy life (you can see another tips to handle your food cravings HERE) :
1.     Just do something else to take those cravings out of your mind (example; you could tidy up your bedroom, watch a movie)
2.     Control yourself, eat fruits instead of snacks
3.     Chew sugar-free gum
4.     Think carefully before you eat, make wise decisions
5.     Drink plenty of water
6.     Imagine everyone at the party staring at you because you look so great after losing all that weight
7.     Don’t be tempted to eat fast food, it’s very unhealthy
8.     Read the nutrition facts, it reminds you how much weight you’ll put on if you eat it
9.     Remember that healthy eating is your new lifestyle
10.  Try new exotic activities like belly dancing or zumba
11.  Play your favorite music then start dancing
12.  Weight loss is not a punishment, there are so many healthy and delicious foods to choose from
13.  Remember, obesity is not just about the way you look, it’s a life threatening condition
14.  Tell your family and friends about your motivation to start new lifestyle (to live a healthy life) and get their supports.
15.  Always have a thought of what you want to look like
16.  Don’t think about diets, but think about eating healthily
17.  Start now! You are what you eat, don’t be fast, cheap or easy :)



  1. Looks like you are having fun! Keep up the good work exercising


  2. great post, you go girl!!


    ♥ Ellen
    Facebook + Instagram
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  3. very sporty of you! nice


  4. Yes, of course:) Lovely blog.
    Following you via GFC, hope you do the same.

  5. god I wish I had that sort of motivation at the gym lol!

  6. Ahh I love your shoes <3
    Do you wanna follow me ? ---->
    Kisses from Poland :*

  7. Well, then keep my fingers crossed for you dear! And totally love your Nike shoes! <3

  8. I really loved the post. Great tips if one can follow !!

    My recent post :

  9. Great post! Love the shoes. :)


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