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Nowadays gadget (name it DSLR, laptop, smart phones, tab/iPad) is no longer an expensive stuff.
Like this example, smartphones are not only part of communication but also take control of our lives.
If you work on fashion industry and a part of fashion blogger or just an ordinary blogger like me, you must agree that smart phones are also playing a big part in fashion and lifestyle.

I can say that all gadgets I have really could kill my boredom and helps me a lot in positive way, because life’s so precious that I need to capture/document/save/share every moment for me to keep and appreciate it later on :)
It’s funny how technology plays such a big part of my daily life and actually becomes a part of my outfit.
Fashion is not only about pairing clothes for me.
It’s also an action of picking the right weapon (picking the right accessories even the right gadget) for your total look head to toe.
My gadgets totally make my life easier when it comes to managing my blog, emails, social media accounts and documenting the important moments in my life daily.
As for me, living without my smart phones is not just to send & receive messages or to call someone.
Through smart phones, it’s the easiest way to receive and reply emails from readers, to share our outfit photos or beautiful scenes, uploading videos through instagram, path, facebook, or twitter.
We also can communicate through internet using BBM, Line or Kakao Talk (I bet we're all using these applications in our smart phones whenever and wherever, aren't we?) 
thethingscorner shoes / ICE watch / LOLY POLY Samsung Galaxy S4 case / NAUGHTY bag



  1. You look precious doll!!!
    Like a little Lolita, I completely in love with this style :)))
    Like everything, shoes, skirt and the red? I also think that fashion is not only clothes, its everything around us, including tecnology we use to comunicate and informate with the world
    Good reflections and style, I share this post with pleasure
    Have a nice week

  2. Cuteness.... Great ootd!

  3. nice shoes! :)

  4. You always look good no matter what you wear! This look really has a vintage feel to it, not sure why... Perhaps because of the polka dots? Gustong gusto ko tlga fashion sense mo.... Very unique and fun!

  5. <3333 I love this look

  6. aw, your outfits are always so cute:)

  7. Love the top it is perfect. I love red and white polka dots and the collar is gorgeous.

  8. Hey luv :) Thanks for your comment, you're too sweet. I love your looks and would be happy to follow eachother <3


  9. Wow, i love your shirt!!

    I wait for you on my blog with a new post!

    Now you follow me too!

    Silvia xoxo from italy

  10. Absolute cuteness there, love the polka red shirt and adorable shoes !
    I would like to invite you to please participate in my International Giveaway from Sammy Dress !

    International Giveaway from Sammy Dress
    Feisty Fox Diaries

  11. This is so adorable and pretty!! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  12. Great photos & lovely polka dot style :) My phone got broken and now I'm android free :/ Need a new one asap ;)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc, bloglovin), just let me know. xx


  13. Adorable blouse, I love the Peter Pan collar!

    xo freshfizzle

  14. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  15. Your top is sooo adorable!
    Love the vintage style :)


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