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Happy Wednesday everyone! As some of you might want to know what I wore on Christmas day, so this was what I wore on Christmas day. For some really strange reason, I was all about black this Christmas season (it doesn’t really matter what color I wear, Christmas has always been colorful in my soul).

In the spirit of holiday, being cheesy and corny is a must! But since I still want you guys to maintain whatever respect left you have for me, let’s stop there. It's a very simple outfit and little bit sexy. I’m choosing not to post my funny funky poses too because I want to keep the self-respect thing going. I bought this LBD especially for the 25th, December (sorry because my dress wasn’t perfectly pressed). One of the many ways to tame down this dress is to style it the right way with a blazer over it or a denim vest could work (FYI, I wore my denim vest when I arrived at the church). I added a dazzling metal petals necklace, an accessories that kept to a minimal finish. I decided to keep my makeup to a minimal too, choosing to use BB Cream from Maybeline and Maybeline lipstick as the main character. My red lipstick did the trick by giving me that fully made up kind of look which is a trick you can do too. And for the final, a sneaker wedges for a dramatic finish. No need to rub your eyes over and over again because I was actually wearing sneaker wedges instead of high heels. Did you ever think you would see me wear a pair of sneaker wedges in in this Christmas holiday? But I totally felt pretty awesome and not to mention different! What do you guys think? Will this pass for a bold and edgy-look Christmas outfit series? (You can see my own Chirstmas outfit series HERE, HERE and HERE).
"Hello Santa Clause, yes all I want for Christmas is................."
GAUDI dress / TOMKINS sneaker wedges / PUMA watch / BUNGA necklace / LOLY POLY Samsung S4 case



  1. love your shoes ^^

  2. LOVE this dress, and I love how you dress it down with trainers! :)


  3. You look so adorable in this black dress. The texture has dimension and it is not showing up flat on print (2 D). Love your smile! So sincere and true! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
    I am following you on GFC, follow back if you would like to stay in touch :)
    Keep on smiling!

  4. cute dress!

  5. Great mesh detail in your dress and that bright watch is so happy

    X. Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

  6. such a beautiful dress!

    where did you get it ?


  7. Your dress is so pretty! Love your shoes too :D Xx

  8. The dress is very pretty a nice twist to a simple lbd.

  9. Cute dress!!!!


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