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These photo were taken from Batur Lake when I had recent trip to Bali Island. Scrolling down to see more photos :)
I’ve always loved international fashion bloggers like Chiara, Aimee or Andy who can pull off the simplest outfit and still look gorgeous and awesome at the same time! They can wear just a blouse, short pants adding some accessories like eyewear, etc then they get thousand comments and five or ten thousand likes on instagram! How is that possible? I guess it’s all because their passion in fashion, they indeed have great killer bodies, they have beautiful faces, hot trending fashion items and truly dedicated their lives to fashion and blogging world. And it motivates me to be a good blogger, to keep filling my days with what I love to do, I love learning public health because I am a public student but I also love fashion world therefore I love blog-walking, writing and uploading my OOTD photos. I write for Something Real Serious with the thought I somehow could help inspiring people with my sense of style. So today, I tried pulling it off the simplest outfit, I know I can’t and you shouldn’t compare myself to them, I am still far away behind :) You can see another #styleinspiration HERE
CONVERSE shoes / KAREN WALKER sunnies / RIPCURL snapback (bought at Planet Surf) / VALMAN shorts / CHARM PIE blouse



  1. Hi gorgeous! I totally understand what you mean. I became a blogger after being so inspired by the greatest bloggers like Andy, Kristina Bazan, Chiara, Betty..
    Your blog is awesome too! Would you like to follow each other? take a look at my blog and let me know :)
    Kisses from Argentina!


  2. nice outfit! really loving your top!


  3. Love your blouse :)!!!!

    Want to follow each other on GFC?
    Let me know!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  4. Love these photos, you are in a beautiful place :) Like how you combine blouse with shoes ;))

  5. Cool look doll!!!!!
    Amazing location!!!!!
    I'm following you.... keep in touch!!!

  6. Oh yea, I definitely see you channeling her in this piece! love Aimee Song :)



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