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This time, I want to share you my daily routine I’ve been doing in 2014, they are top 3 of typical activities I’ve been doing to spend my day lately:

1. Studying as epidemiology student
I always dedicate the whole morning to campus-life most of the time, life as an epidemiology student means I have to study ‘in the field’, I literally have more outdoor activities to do (like go out to do some survey and observation, disease surveillance and screening, identifying risk factors for disease, researching public health problems, collecting data related public health issues from different places; hospitals, community health centers, organizations, universities, government, even on the street). Yeah school really taking over my time. So you might be curious about the secret how can I still survive from the harmful rays of the sun whenever I do outdoor activities? It’s because I always make sure to protect myself with Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares Hand & Body lotion especially formulated with 24h moisturizing benefit to nourish and retain lasting hydration in skin up to 24 hours. I always apply it regularly all over my skin after taking bath in the morning and repeat it when necessary so that my skin would still feel refreshed, hydrated and protected the entire day. I also love the fragrance from Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares, it smells so fruity, sweet, and relaxing with its cooling effect.
Protects Skin For Outdoor Activities
Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares Hand & Body lotion has Natural Protection Complex rich in high antioxidants from the mix of apple and red poppy to protect the skin from harsh environments, enhanced with sunscreen that can help to protect the skin from exposure to sun rays. It is suitable for outdoor activities. Now, I’ll never be afraid to embrace the sun anymore. I thank MARINA for this wonderful creation!
2. Work Out & Zumba Dance
I have to sacrifice my ‘take a nap time’ because I usually go to the gym in the afternoon. I always go to the gym after all the class ended. I have 7 minutes to reach the gym from my campus by motorcycle or 15 minutes by walking. But now there isn’t any problem anymore dealing with the harmful sun rays, pollution and harsh environments because my skin is now protected by Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares which always keeps my skin stay smooth, healthy, soft and naturally glowing.
3. Taking outdoor photo shoot
I love doing outdoor photo shoot for my OOTD post in the afternoon or before the sun goes down. I’m amazed how amazing Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares doing its magic, I applied it in the morning and I still get protection at the end of the day. I really love this product because it gives me the protection I need :)
Marina 24h Beauty Challenge
Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares gives you the benefits of protecting your skin from harsh environments. Now, you can spend your 24hours doing your outdoor activities without worrying about damaging your skin. MARINA could solve your skin problem, just make sure to apply your favorite MARINA Natural Hand & Body lotion start now :) 
Marina Hand & Body Lotion Natural 24h Moisturizing was thoughtful enough to give us these four beauty weapons to protect our skins from the sun rays, dusts, harsh environments, air pollution, chlorine water and all of those conditions that make us less hydrated. They actually launched their four variants of hand & body lotion:
- Marina Natural 24h Protects & Cares
- Marina Natural 24h Rich Moisturizing
- Marina Natural 24h Nourished & Healthy
- Marina Natural 24h Smooth & Glow
For Your Information, MARINA is holding Marina Natural Beauty Blogger Competition 24h Beauty Challenge for all the bloggers who use Marina Natural products.

The Grand Prize :
-  Macbook Pro
- join Marina's beauty video shoot together with Indonesian Blogger, Clara Devi
-  privileges to all Marina's Beauty Trip events

There are also weekly prizes for ten winners:
-  MAP Gift Voucher costs IDR 500,000 each
-  Marina's Beauty Box.

All you need to do is....
1. write your thought/review/experience on your own blog about how to survive/spend your 24 hours with MARINA Natural products in 400 words or more
2. you have to submit your post by registering yourself HERE.
3. make sure you follow the rules and complete the whole inquiries, for further information, read the post about the competition RIGHT HERE
What are you waiting for? Show your creativity now :) #24hMarinaChallenge



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  24. One of the outfit is very Amy W. I am not a big fan of hers, but you pulled it together. The other outfits look like you were inspired by Grease. We have definitely different styles. However, I really enjoyed reading the content of your post and I would be very interested in reading more about your studies and daily routines. I have never met an epidemiologist and frankly, your blog could take a very interesting turn if you write more about it. Do you watch Helix? Great show. As for your routines, very interesting read.

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