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Always look at the bright side. Make sure you say that line whenever you have a hard time. Though in my case, I’ve said that line in a million times but it sucks sometimes I still look at the other side (bad side) first. I admire all the optimistic people out there, to consistently always be on positive thinking and to keep seeing the bright side first. Huff I need to be a better person, seriously.
Have you ever voiced out your thoughts to older people when you know something is wrong with their systems/actions?
As college students, we might experience it a lot, when we see some of lecturers are too strict and old school about the rules but on the other hand, their behaviours and disciplines are good, teaching skill is average or highly excellent.
Maybe we shouldn’t only look at the bad side, see it from different sides/views, because nobody’s perfect, we don’t have rights to judge even to hate people.
If we want to voice out our thoughts about someone's behaviours, it's okay, do it correctly.
Be brave and tell the one carefully and politely (even though they are older) who we think already lost in the right track.
If he/she is a good person and educated enough, he/she must be taking all the advices and so game to change to be a better person. But if she/he isnt a good person who is selfish enough to think he/she is always right and ignore the good advice and criticism, well they deserve to be isolated from the society and received treatment that they should obtain, remember we are not only the human alive in this world.
It all matter in voice out our feelings and thoughts. If we are brave enough, I am pretty sure we (the young generation) could make a better change to this country (golden generation). And I want to be one of those golden generation :’)
So let’s introspect ourselves first, be kind and friendly to another, be honest in everything you speak and do, be wise when you want to decide a decision, don’t be arrogant and selfish, always be a sample of good and inspiring person. Happy Sunday gorgeous :)
I’ve exercised my entire life. Basketball team, Gymnastics team, Badminton team, Football team, well you name it, I freaking love doing sports. I guess that’s just a part of who I am and I don’t feel myself if I am not doing sports. I start jogging routine for the past 2 years and I’ve been in a massive exercising mood lately, join Zumba dance and working out at the gym 5 times in a week. I feel so energized every time I pushed my ass out of my bed and doing activity that makes me more happy and healthy. PS. this is not my fitness look lol.
ROVATICA silk top / BELLAGIO oxford shoes / EFOXCITY necklace / FARCUCHE outwear / BERRETO SPORT postman hat / AIRWALK backpack / KAREN WALKER sunnies / JUICE wallet / COLOR BOX bracelet / LOLY POLY iPhone case



  1. Amazing pictures and look doll, so colorful and inspire happiness!
    Its so great that you loving sport, I also trying, but I am very lazy and undestand that its no good
    Your love for sports is reflected in your body, you look nice and beautiful
    Kisses doll

  2. Wow, you're such an athlete!
    I'm so lazy doing exercise oh God, it's like I can't even breathe when I'm running for a minute!
    I love your blue outfits by the way! <3

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  4. You are absolutely awesome! Very cute look~ <3

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  5. you are such a sweet girl :) I am sure you are already inspiring someone with your thoughts, views, and style! keep in touch <3

  6. Love the colours of this outfit! They're perfect for the season :)
    Following you, want to follow back?

  7. I love the colours in this look! And you look great!

  8. nice pics..I love your sunnies..


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    Centrum Style
    mdayomi Bloglovin

  9. lovely colours

  10. Love your words of wisdom and your outfit! I understand the difficulty of being negative or optimistic. When you are optimistic, you have the chance of being disappointed. And it seems like if you are negative, your expectations can always be surpassed. But I try to look on the brighter side of things because I think it's better to be hopeful than doubtful. Thank you for sharing!
    xo Olivia

  11. This outfit look so fab! It's hard for me to be optimistic as well. I always want to be stronger with my feels. But yes let's look at the brightside cause there's something better ahead of us! I love the colors of the outfit! Great great look!


  12. You look wonderful, love this look. I tend to be positive most of the time really, but sometimes negativity can creep in or doubt, I think it's normal and ok. Sometimes we can see clearer what we need to do when this happens xx

  13. thats my fav color, blue! you made it cute <3

  14. I used to be one but health problem goes in the way and I'm just doing running and sometimes badminton, but it doesn't suffice the urges haha I want some extreme sports like I used to have. Love the shoes btw! would you like to follow each other via gfc, facebook, and bloglovin? or instagram too? let me know.

    keep in touch!



  15. Lovely outfit! Followed you, hope, you'll do the same:)

    Maggie from

  16. Wow, I discovered your blog today and love it! Love your style! Especially the jacket is gorgeous.

    Jessy by Kleidermaedchen

  17. really lovely outfit and those blue skorts are really cute!

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    AL xx

  18. Beautiful photography and what a gorgeous outfit!

    Rebecca Coco


  20. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! These are great shorts you're wearing here, I love the bright color (: I'd love it if you checked out my blog too!


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