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Hey there, miss me much? Today, I have good news because I finally updated this blog with Campus Look. I’ve been busy as bee with my life, I’ve gone through both productive and unproductive days, of course campus really takes my time and energy.
In the past few weeks I didn’t manage to bring my camera to take some outfit photos when I went to campus because there were so much things need to be done (I'm talking about deadline) and also the other reason for not posting something on this blog is lately, my time has been consumed by Korean dramas. Sorry again, I cant help but watching new Korean dramas without thinking ‘The heck, I was totally wasting my precious time', yes so sorry for being irresponsible blogger, I’m now starting to fill this blog up with more Campus Look and I am trying to fix my mistake that’s why you’ll realise it by reading how long this post would be? Ey, just take it as my apology for being bad and lazy blogger hehehe, anyway have you read Gogirl Magazine RI issue (May edition)? C’mon it’s not too late to grab a copy if you haven’t, you are gonna find me on 46th page, feel free to share it on my twitter @ollyvialaura or instagram @ollyvialaura and oh what I love the most from this month’s issue is Selena Gomez finally on the cover, she is truly my role model for life :)
Yeah, sometimes I am like a weirdo ;p
Last but not least, this post is dedicated to my readers who also love to watch Korean dramas, gonna give you another recommendation about 5 Korean dramas you should watch, shall we start?

This one is my favorite one to watch, I adore how brilliant Korean to make this unbelievably great drama, if you a regular reader of this blog you must know how big and wide my love for health/medical world. So this one is recommended for all of those who work in health/medical world. It’s currently airing in Korea, so if you have time, you gotta watch this drama by streaming or downloading it (thank God I have the best cousin who is willing to download all the good dramas since last year) and one note from me to be remembered is take all the good advices from the drama, if you focus you are gonna find so much interesting, precious and good advices about how to live this world as real human, as far as I’ve watched till 4th episode, two things I learn from this drama is you must have big and pure heart when you want to help people (especially in your work station), don’t you ever think about gratification, money, status, give and take, etc. Do what your job actually does. The second one is if you have your own opinions, make sure you are brave to voice out yours, don’t let others intimidating your thoughts, be brave and let the world know that you also have your own way to express what you’re doing.

Same like Reply 1997, this one is one of hilarious family dramas that suits you watch with your sisters and brothers. No room for romantic scenes, you’re gonna find so much hilarious family & friends-relationship-stories from this drama.

Never thought that this mini drama could have big influence to my life, I started to look back what I’ve really done for my twenty year of life, I wish I could be funnier, carefree but still have faith of being a girl with good manner, and start to write my own love story kekeke ;p

(see another recommendation about 5 Korean dramas you should watch HERE)
J.REP flats / NAUGHTY bag



  1. You look so sweet and gorgerous as usual! Love the skirt so much! <3

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. lovely outfit! and thank you for the kdrama recommendation, haven't watched any in so long.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  3. Wow! Congrats on being featured! :)

    Visit my blog too :)

  4. Great post!:) x

  5. woah! really stunning and simply beautiful post dear! love it! ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  6. thats so cool you were in a magazine! love the pink tote you have :)

  7. Congratulations! You look real cute in this outfit, love the skirt!


  8. Love every piece of your outfit! Congrats on being featured on Gogirl magazine.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  9. what a cute campus look olivee ! xoxo

  10. muy guapa. la falda y la camiseta son preciosas
    @AndreeaCarro www.MiPerchaPesa.blogspot.com

  11. I love the colors and silhouette of your look!

  12. Super cute look! Love those flats!

    Now following!
    Stay Chic,
    Lattes & Lacee

  13. Followed you on IG & GFC! Really love your blog!


  14. Hi Ollyvia, Thanks for visiting my blog, you have great style! Yes, I would totally love to follow each other via G+, bloglovin, and Instagram. Follow me and let me know, and I will follow back right away on all 3. Don't have a Youtube myself, but will follow you there as well if you like.

    Much Love,

  15. Omg you look adorable. Love the cute shirt, skirt and the shoes! I love that song. Bought it tow days ago on i-tunes.

    xx Mira


  16. loving this, looking kinkyly beautiful, have followed you on social media and google plus, please follow back http://jenniquecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/

  17. haha cute outfit!



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