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Today, I want to share my first experience as a Marina beauty blogger (again?). Last month, I went to Jakarta to do my first video shoot of my 24h challenge with Marina Natural Protects & Cares (I’ll tell you guys as soon as the video is out) and my photo shoot at Gogirl Magazine. It was a really great experience, I never had a thought I will become a part of Marina’s family #ilovemyjob. Even though some of people still don’t understand why Marina has chosen me as one of their representative bloggers, I am not a real beauty blogger though. Well, I am not a fan of make up but I do know how to take care of my body.
I’ve previously shown you how Marina Natural helps me to do my daily activities HERE. But let me show you again, why we have to choose Marina Natural as our everyday-hand & body lotion.
I always make it a point to carry this pink colored hand & body lotion with me to prevent my skins from sun damage and harsh environment. Yes, I am currently using this Marina Natural Protects & Cares. To protect our skins is like our long-term investment. I used to have a problem with my skins, I did a lot of outdoor activities when I was a teenager, I played basketball, I played volley ball, yeah I love sports also I ride motorcycle / bicycle most of the time that’s why my skin got really dried and rough (ugh so bad) then I’ve grown up, my mom told me it’s important to take care of not only facial skin but also my body skin.

"Aku selalu membawa hand & body lotion merah muda ini (Marina Natural Protects & Cares) kemanapun aku berpergian untuk mencegah kulit dari kerusakan akibat sinar matahari dan lingkungan yang buruk (polusi udara, asap dari kendaraan dll). Melindungi kulit kita setiap saat merupakan suatu bentuk investasi jangka panjang.
Dulu aku punya masalah dengan kulit karena aku suka melakukan banyak kegiatan di luar ruangan sejak masih remaja, mulai dari bermain basket, bermain bola voli (hampir semua jenis olahraga aku coba), aku juga suka berkendaraan menggunakan motor / sepeda, itulah sebabnya kulit aku selalu kering dan kasar, namun beranjak dewasa, mama selalu mengingatkan bahwa menjaga kesehatan kulit wajah dan badan itu sangatlah penting."
Exclusive Marina Blogger kit for emergency situation.
How to solve my skin’s problem? By applying hand & body lotion twice a day, it will help my skin to fight the dryness and make the skin looks more glowing, hydrated, and healthier.

"Terus, bagaimana cara aku bisa mengatasi masalah kulit aku? Caranya adalah dengan memakai hand & body lotion setiap dua kali sehari untuk membantu kulit melawan kekeringan dan membuat kulit terlihat lebih bercahaya, terhidrasi, dan sehat. Aktif sepanjang hari di luar ruangan, gak perlu lagi takut kulit jadi rusak :)"

Marina Natural Protects & Cares is perfect for people like me who love discovering the world by staying outside from morning till evening lol. Marina Natural formulated with 24h moisturizing benefit to nourish and retain lasting hydration in skin up to 24 hours. It also has Natural Protection Complex rich in high antioxidants from the mix of apple and red poppy + Sunscreen protection that help your skin from harmful UV radiation.

"Marina Natural Protects & Cares sangat cocok untuk orang seperti aku yang suka berada diluar ruangan dari pagi sampai malam. Dengan formula khusus 24h Moisturizing yang akan menutrisi dan menjaga kelembaban alami kulit hingga lapisan terdalam+ selama 24 jam. Marina Natural Protects & Cares memiliki kandungan Natural Protection Complex yang kaya akan antioksidan tinggi dari paduan Apel dan Red Poppy + perlindungan Sunscreen yang membantu kulit terlindungi dari paparan radiasi UV yang berbahaya."

Okay, now onto my travel diary.
I managed to take some random photos + selfies at the airports and on the plane because I get bored easily.
My best partner in crime, Novi who accompanied me all night while I was staying at Amaris hotel after doing my video-shoot and photoshoot.
Sultan Hasanuddin International airport is located in Makassar. I've spent my 30minutes here to transit before I headed to Jakarta.
And now it's time for selfies on the plane LOL.
My favourite Tv show "How I Met Your Mother" to kill the flatness.
Say hello to the beautiful skies and wonderful landscapes of Indonesia from above. God is amazing indeed.
Marina does not disappoint me at all :) It can moisturize your skin, keep it hydrated plus bonus it makes you smell good. Thanks to Marina, I have the best weapon to help me to do all my outdoor activities without feeling afraid of sun damage.
Well, I hope you learned a little something from this post.
If you have question, feel free to leave your comment or you can ask me directly via Twitter :)
I also make a video of this short trip and it is just for fun.
Kindly check out my Youtube channel (, I already uploaded 2 videos there.
PS, I am going to post about BTS of Marina video shoot, my photoshoot with ka Clara Devi, and hotel room tour soon on SRS Blog. Till the next.



  1. wowww that's really something to be a Marina blogger and be featured on a magazine!! nice~!

    xo, Carla

  2. Cool! I bet it really is a great experience. congrats!

  3. Wow this was such a really cool experience!!!!

  4. So cute experience my dear and lovely pics!

  5. Love your photos, dear!!! xx

  6. Great experience! I also had the luck to watch HIMYM in the plain :)
    Sure we can follow each other! I started following you via GFC, Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
    Please follow back there!

  7. lovely photos!♥ I'm a big fan of natural products too!:)

  8. How I met your mother is one of my favourite tv shows too! Loving all the photos :)

    Rebecca Coco

  9. Love to try that product! Anyways I followed you via GFC, its now your turn as you promised :)

    Lou of,

  10. Another inspiring post from you dear! love it! ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  11. Wow, what a great chance to be featured on Gogirl! ;)
    Keep inspiring

  12. Well congratulations darling! Marina is giving you a great opportunity :)
    I found your blog and I'm loving it, I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  13. nice post :-) and congrats to marina

  14. oh nice photos :D. Congrats to Marina


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