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Won’t claim myself as a fashionista because I think I am not a fashionista. To explain it simply, I just love fashion and embracing my inner self to wear whatever style I want to look like every day and I always believe that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At least in my humble opinion, the price could be super deceiving sometimes and a designer brand's hype will be the number one priority of our generation these days. And in my honest opinion, I don't own all of the money in this world to splurge on everything I want, in my case this month is so hard to me, I am bankrupt, my Samsung S4’s glass screen cracked, my iPhone’s charger has been damaged and I can’t get new smartphone till October, and my wishlist is longer than the Kapuas river to be exactly but again I should be and I’m totally grateful with everything happened. Anyway, have a good weekend and Happy Sunday, may God always bless us with His joy, His love and His unlimited kindness :)
RB. SPACE glasses / J.REP flats / ICE watch / LOLY POLY iPhone case



  1. super:) x

  2. Love this black and white look!

  3. I totally know what ou are talking about - but I think the real expression of fashion is sometimes made by those who don't have the money! Love this outfit ;)

  4. love the shirt
    and so sorry to hear about what happened to your phone
    life do cruel sometimes :(

    visit my new post :)
    sacs et chaussures

  5. love your mono looks! <3

  6. i know what you're talking about, and i think fashion is not only with money but fashion is from ourselves.
    what we liked, and other people liked it too :)
    anyway love your stripe shirt..

  7. The shoes are so cute! x

  8. you always have the cutest shoes! and true words, brands are not everything.

  9. Hi dear! Beautiful post,your blog it’s gorgeous! <3
    There is new post on my blog:

    What do you think about supporting each other by funning? 
    If you are interested,so please let me know or just me and I will fan you back! ;)
    xoxo <3

  10. This outfit suits you PERFECTLY, and I love those little cupcake shoes!

  11. This is a beautiful and well put together outfit. Love everything about it

  12. Don't worry better times will come. For me things aren't easy either, for example, the other day I bought a pair of jeans and two tees after three months of not buying a single thing.
    Your outfitis very pretty:)
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  13. I love that striped top!

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

  14. Great look, lovely skirt!

  15. love your shirt and glasses!

  16. Lovely skirt and cute shoes :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  17. Lovely outfit and pics!! right up my street! xxx xx


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