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If you are an instagram user, you've known about this very well because it is very popular “challenge” people do on instagram world. This challenge is about revealing 20 facts about yourself by posting your photo with your version of 20 facts then you have to tag your followers on Instagram (the one you want to know their own versions of 20 facts about themselves) and the people who get tagged by this challenge are asked to do the same thing. At this time, I couldn't sleep and I desperately want to enter a new post but have no idea what to write on this blog and sadly, I have to postpone #MarinaBDOJapan Chapter 3 because I’m still confused choosing some photos from our second day in Japan that should be uploaded on this blog because there are so many good photos but it’s completely impossible to upload all of them, so I decided to share and want to explain/clarify a little bit my 21 (well since I’ve turned 21 on October, 17th) “random” facts about myself here, you can see the original 20 facts about myself on my instagram account. To be honest, I love to keep my privacy secretly but sometimes I also have the feeling to be known/acknowledged by certain people, I believe that silence isn’t always a good idea, so I need to speak about myself too, in case some of you want to know more about Ollyvia :)
So, these are some random (and some literally weird) facts about me!

1. There's no one who really can understand me.
As I told you, I am a person who seldom to reveal my true feeling, my honest thoughts to people even the closest ones. It’s hard to tell what I feel, what I need to say (I cant really express my feeling/thought directly). Yes, I am the girl who lacks words of affection relayed my feeling. I know sometimes I feel like I am a selfish. I do want to be understood by people, wont be the only one who always understand people. I don’t like to be ignored by people especially ignored by the ones who I care/I love the most.

2. If my older sister were here alive, I would have had been someone else.
In February 1992, my parents actually had their first daughter named Yessy Sela Arnold. She was only 6 months but she was sick, doctor couldn’t save her life. July 1992, she passed away and it broke my parents’ hearts especially my mom, she couldn’t let her go for months. By far, this is what I heard from my parents and family. We all know that she’s truly happy in heaven now :)

3. I like man who study at medical school and become a great doctor.
Every time people ask me what kind of man that I want to date? Without doubt I’ll say ‘he must be a doctor/medical student’. I don’t know what’s the true reason, but doctors/medical students have extra point to me and in my humble opinion they are very serious with their position, they look smart, they are very loving and caring, they have biggest hearts to help people they even don’t know, well there are too much good points about them. One of silly reasons that no need long explanation why I want to date a doctor/medical student because I couldn’t be a doctor ;p Actually to make it more specific, I like a man who study seriously at medical school and by studying seriously, it’ll make him a serious also a great doctor who can save people’s lives. I don’t like people who attend school without passion and efforts.

4. Love expressing my feelings/thoughts using Line's stickers on Line timeline.
I love collection Line stickers and writing a status on Line timeline is so reliving because it only can be read by my Line’s friends and get feedbacks from them. I really have fun to express it through Line’s stickers. In case you didn’t know and think it’s really weird, don’t worry I have 260+ active friends on Line and a lot of them are active too on Line timeline, so I wasn’t the only one.

5. I always want to be thin but I love eating so much and I guess I'm never full till my stomach can’t take it anymore. I'm also the type who easily craves for something sweets when I watch movies. Who's to blame? No one.
6. I've blogged for Something Real Serious as a place where people could judge me as they want and get inspired at the same time.

7. A fan of Selena Gomez, Andrew Garfield, purple, grapes and french fries.

8. Marriage without love is currently my favorite Korean Drama. I like the lead actor so much (well maybe because his role as a doctor). Any tv series full of doctors as its main characters, I’ll love to watch it.

9. I don’t rush in to love because I do believe that love that I never expected might even be the perfect kind of love.
It’s kind of embarrassing to say it but I still haven't found my first love.

10. I am a shoe-addict. I even couldn’t count how many pairs I have. This month, I already bought a pair of slip ons in Japan, 3 pairs of shoes in Jakarta and honestly I don’t feel satisfied, I still want to buy new shoes.
11. Always want to be a channel of blessings to everyone around me.
I always make a self-made commitment to not only be the person who feel the joy and the happiness alone, I want to share it with people around me as well.

12. A quick dresser and not really into current fashion trend.

13. I want to try anti gravity yoga, thai boxing.

14. Wont do anything that wouldn't make my parents proud also I wont do crash dieting because it only makes me gain more pounds when I go back to eating normally.

15. Always push myself to try new things I've never done before but I'm not interested in competing with anyone. 
16. I've colored and recolored my hair 5 times in the past 4 months. It's so addictive.
Now I’m back with my green hairs after trying this purple 'candy' hairs.

17. I am camera shy and I am not a good public speaker. I easily get shaky, awkward and at loss of words in real life.
Well, well shame on me, I am a blogger but I’m freaking awkward when people take my photos, I couldn’t pose properly because I am literally shy (but I could endure my awkwardness to some people who usually take my OOTD photos). I also have a problem when it comes to speak in a public or to speak with new people I’ve just met.

18. Get so addicted to one song, I am the type of person who just wants to listen to it on repeat till I get sick of it.
The song I’ve listened to on repeat these past days is the song from OST She’s So Lovable/My Lovely Girl “Pray” sung by Jooyi (Raina band). Even it’s sung in Korean language, I love the beat, the rhythm, Jooyi’s strong voice and the feeling & the message from this song (FYI I searched the lyric in English language).

19. I am such a dramatic person.
A man just told me this morning that I was too noisy and too exaggerated even it’s only for a small thing. Well, it’s hard for me to change that, it’s like my natural instinct to voice out my uncontrollable screams when I feel shocked or panicked. Please, for those people who don’t know much about me, bear with it. It’s your decision to being friend or to not being friend with me. I don’t accept any friendship which doesn’t want to understand each personalities & habits. I never hate anyone anyways.

20. I don’t own all of the money in this world.
Many people mistaken me as a girl who loves to spend a lot of money for my daily life, it’s not true. My parents are not as rich as you thought to splurge on everything I want immediately but I’m blessed that my parents could give anything I need/want as long as it still makes sense to them or they're okay with it but not all of the things I have now given by my parents, some of them I got/achieved because of my own efforts or from relatives/friends.

21. I'm not that type of girl who can write down my whole life because I also want to have my privacy. Finished.
SHOTATVELVET top / THYO PERNIK necklace / NAUGHTY beanie / DIADORA backpack / J.REP glittered shoes



  1. Great facts about you! You seem I be a wonderful person I'd like to know in personal! I love your cute style! I'm also a dramatic woman and love to eat. It's a pity that we can't eat and lose weight at the same time, lol.

    ♘ www.sugarpopfashion.com ♘

  2. You are pretty and have a pretty personality! Amazing pictures


  3. You're interesting person :) And I like your skirt :)

  4. I always love reading posts like this when you can get more insight on a blogger. That's why blogs are a lot of fun-because they're much more personable. Anyway cute outfit and I love the beanie :)
    xo Olivia

  5. Oh, great!!
    btw, I love ur shoes. so cute!


  6. I love reading post like this! A big Kdrama lover here too and anti-gravity yoga sounds interesting! That funky hair colour really suits you. xx


  7. I love how detailed all of these facts are! I can tell you put a lot of thought and work into this post.


  8. youre so cute, im also easly get awkward :))


  9. love your quirky sense of style!! keep rocking, girl!

    Animated Confessions

  10. I love these photos! I didn't know you might have had an older sister.. it was the same for my dad - he had an older sister that passed away at birth. I also love listening to a favorite song on repeat until I get sick of it ;)

  11. This was wonderful, I enjoyed all the facts about you :))) You look gorgeous xx

  12. nice to learn a little bit more about you...

  13. Lovin' your hair and your style

    Bicolana Blogger at http://claudeeeeklaire.blogspot.com/


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