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School’s out, summer’s in.
Remember this swimsuit? Yes I wore this swimsuit to WaterBom Bali when I had my short trip to Bali last December-January for welcoming the year of 2014 with family. Now stop talking about the swimsuit, let’s back to the topic.
Finally, some water to get the summer vibe before falling for fall/autumn season on Sunday!
Please bear with the contrast quality for some photos here because the sun is shining so bright. I went to Diva Swimming Pool last week because the heat was so bad here in Manado, that taking a dip in the pool has become a necessity more than anything.
Even I realized how girls must have perfect bodies to wear a swimsuit. It made me really conscious at first but I was glad I brought my kimono as my cover-up (as I got influenced by another culture that close to home, the Japanese culture) with me though it certainly didn’t help with the heat situation and also I wore short as I didn’t want to show the fats on my thighs lol.
Anyway, tomorrow I’ll have a short trip for just one week, the chance to discover new countries for the first time, woohoo I cant stop smiling, God is so good to me :) You can keep in touch with me through Instagram or Twitter because I am going to post a lot of photos from my travel there, I promise I will update SRS Blog as soon as I get back to my hometown :) Have a good Friday gorgeous people and wish me luck for my Entomology mid test <3
NIKE sport short / RAY BAN glasses / J.REP glittered shoes



  1. Your kimono looks so cute and comfy! It's over 90F where I live right now so I wish I was in a pool too!

  2. Great pictures! Love that green kimono!

  3. You look gorgeous doll, love the swim suit :)) xx

  4. cute bathing suit dear! is it really still summer where you are?? lucky! I feel like summer ended so quickly here in Japan

  5. Cute shoes! I wish it was still summer!

    xo T.

  6. Your kimono pattern is beautiful

  7. it looks so 90's, hahah, I really love it!


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  9. that's a great post! hope you're having an amazing day :)

  10. Oh I wish it was summer over here! But its only getting colder day by day.. lovely photos! You look great!:) XX Laura

  11. Great post! It's so cold here! No sign of summer anymore :(. You look lovely and I adore your Rayban glasses :)

  12. gooorgeous images! I love your hair :) its winter here now :((
    check out my lime crime utopia selfies at
    ♥ oxox

  13. Hallo Olip, keren postingannya... sukses selalu :)



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