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A year comes to and end and once again I am feeling quite emotional about it. I guess I am a hopeless romantic. 2014 had been full of ups and downs, literally it was quite hard and awesome at the same time but I feel so blessed to say there have been more ups than downs. I learned so much from those moments. Amazing people came to my life and some of them have stick around. 
I got so many awesome and unexpected opportunities, trips, projects, I also got opportunity to share laughs and joy filled up this year. Well yeah it’s all about keeping a positive attitude and hoping for the best. Anyway this is my fourth outfit from my trip to Japan last October, taken in front of Imperial Palace Tokyo, got to visit Japan was really my best moment in 2014, thank You so much my Lord Jesus ;')

Some of my 2014 resolutions were to do a reality check (by constantly reminding myself with how I started and the people who helped me get to where I am now). I am so blessed and thankful, God is so good to us and especially in my case, because without Him I believe I couldn’t make them happen. Even some of them aren’t yet coming true, I believe it will happen this year, next year, or in five years later. I should always faith in myself to never lose hope in everything I dream, I want and I do :) So, here's my resolutions for 2015 :
- Faith
To be honest, I was such a bad daughter to Him, I often forget to have conversation with Him, I often depend everything only on myself, got disappointed easily, and I learn now that seven days without prayer makes one "weak", prayer is the most important conversation of the day.
- Give more + no hates + no judgments + be more friendly + no drama + less bullshit
I need to change to be a better person and hope it's not just words. I have sins and will always have sins but I always hope I could do more kindness & positive actions than those sins.
- Get scholarship + studying abroad
To study and to get a chance to explore new adventures abroad has always been my dream. Wherever the country, I'm ready to start new adventure.
- Travel the world
South Korea
- Explore provinces of Indonesia
I believe Indonesia is a beautiful country with so many attractive places to visit, the clean nature is one of Indonesia's treasures.
- More collaborations & projects
It will be an honour to me to do more collaboration or projects in science major, fashion, arts, or photography with amazing people.
- Getting thinner
50kg like always, I need to be thin and health, no big thighs and greediness
- Get new iPhone
- Winter season
I always want to celebrate white Christmas with my mom & dad
- Active blogging
- Get my bachelor before turning 22 this year
- Go away laziness
- Running 4km everyday
- Eating home-made dishes and be vegetarian
- Buy new shoes
running shoes and just new shoes
- Stop eating snacks, chocolates, sodas
- Scuba diving, hiking & sky diving
- New good friends and new first love
Be friends with everyone, I'll keep the ones who could support each other, also I want to open my heart to the one who is interested in me, yes I think it's time for me to have a real relationship, I'll stop to be an ignorant girl :)
- Meet my favorite Korean and Japanese actors or idols also Selena Gomez in person
- Always be thankful person
- No room for hate, grudge, envious, lies
- Take every challenge and discover new experience
- Speak two foreign language fluently
English & Korean (한글), I must remember 5 new words in a day.
- Watching live music performance / concert for free
- An ability to speak up fluently in front of public
- No more eating disorder
Should stop it, Olyv
- Start saving for travelling
- To inspire and to be inspired
- Stay healthy and fit

I always pray so that I could accomplish all of them, Amen and I hope your resolution will come true as well :) Last but not least, I am so grateful for having you all my sharing inspirations with me, every single day and even if I haven’t met you in person, I feel like I know you and I’m forever thankful for all the support. Cheers to you and me and a new chapter to be filled with awesome moments, new milestones and fulfilled dreams and never stop exploring. Exploring places, exploring people, exploring feelings and explore myself. Because I always want to discover all the magic around me. And yes, you’re part of it: you’re the spell that made most of my dreams a reality. Thanks for this 2014. I love you guys and Happy New Year 2015.
ZALORA stockings / MICHELLE KLEIN slip ons



  1. Wonderful look, love your skirt!
    Happy 2015!

    My last post: Time to restart

    Shopping Girls

  2. You had an exciting year of travels last year, and I hope you do the same this year :) I hope to visit you one day too! happy new year love, wishing you so much success and happiness!

  3. Wow.... that's a long list... hope your wishes and hope come through... Cute look!!! Have a great 2015!

  4. love the slips on!<3 and your hair<3 and the clothes <3 this post<3
    and happy new year!

  5. Looks nice :)
    Happy New Year 2015 !


  6. Love this look of you! The colors are amazing!


  7. So cute! Love those tights :)

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  8. You look absolutely magnification!

  9. You are such a cutie!

    Feel free to read my blog

    Would love to keep in touch with you ;)


  10. I like your hair color! So nice.
    Happy new year!
    I hope 2015 will be a better year
    And, I'd like to recommend you to join this blogger association

    Have a good day
    Would you mind to follow? (

  11. You look so sweet, love those shoes :) Happy New Year doll, I hope this new one is full of adventure, happiness and love. I hope all your hopes and dreams will be reached...Have a wonderful time :) xx

  12. Happy new year! I love your shoes. They're so fun. I too would love to travel the world this year, or any year really.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  13. happy new year! always like your hair and your spirit to travel the world. I hope all your dreams will be reached :)


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