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For the first time in my campus life, I failed my environmental pollution class last semester, I got C+ while few of people could get B or even B+ and 80% got D and E, truth be honest it doesn’t make me feel so down maybe I was so ignorance, I was lazy or whatever, but I felt something’s weird about this class and in the end I let it pass, I wont worried about it anymore, I learn from the experience and mistakes, I’ll teach myself to not start the blame game.

This semester became even worst.
I'm not sure I couldn't get my bachelor of public health this semester, it may seems so impossible, though I still prepare my proposals and everything related to Skripsi/Essay between the 3 challenges (KKT/Integrated work lecture, PBL 3/Practice of Learning based the field, and being an internship student) and trying to keep focused with my proposals for Skripsi. Many of you might think why am I so rushing step to step? I am just in competition with no one, of course I want to graduate as soon as possible (if I could) with pride, the love of my parents, and the supports from kind people around me, I won't wait & just hope for nothing, I should take an action / a courage to do what I can really do, throw away the fear & the worries, HAVE FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, and believing that everything will be beautiful in its time, I have so many big dreams I want to achieve, hey what is life without a dream? I have been planning to have other big goals in life :) I have no desire to play game of being better than anyone. Literally, I am just trying to be greater than the person I was yesterday and first of all, I should stop complaining & start to catch my dreams :)
LOL my bare face.
JREP shoes / ADIEU outwear / NILE PERCH tartan skirt



  1. I love the bag and the skirt<3

  2. loving it <3
    did you dye your hair? if so, what product did you use :) bc planning to dye mine soon :P

  3. Love your jacket!

  4. that backpack is very lovely... and yes you are not in any competition with anyone, besides you have a lovely blog.
    i am following your blog, please follow back. thank youuu

  5. hai hai, toss aku juga pernah dapet nilai segitu. untungnya nilai bukan segalanya *hihiihi sok bijak
    kamu juga lagi nyusun skripsi??? wiiihhh toss lagi deh kalo gitu, samaan lagi nyusun skripsi juga
    tapi hectic banget yah kamu magang juga skripsi sama temen2 nyaa, semangat ya darlinn!! :D :D

    P.S: kebelet lulus juga nihh. wkwkkk

  6. Love this outfit doll, as long as you do what you wish to do, you are in competition with no one :)) xx

  7. You should totally take a leap for what you want to do! And I thought that anything similar to a C grade is good? In England it means that you passed, I assume it's different where you are?

    Little Moon Elephant

  8. Great campus look! Your top sees adorable. I would have loved to see a shot without the coat. Love the bag!

    Jessica |

  9. Jaketnya suka, militer2 klasik gimanaaa gitu dan warna merah :)
    walau gagal mata kuliah asal jangan gagal kece ya haha

    Herdiana Surachman

  10. nice outfit! your red blazer perfectly paired the tartan skirt. i love it.


  11. that backpack is so awesome! and you always look lovely in bright colors :) you should definitely get some new running shoes, nikes are so good!


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