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Hello gorgeous people, it’s been a while since I entered blog post. Sorry for saying this late, but if you already read my story on this Campus Look post of if we are close enough to befriends on Path & Line, you might know that I am doing KKT/Integrated Work Lecture at Motoling Village 1, Minahasa Selatan started last Monday (9 February 2015) and I should live here for 2 months with the other students from different faculties in Sam Ratulangi university. Okay, KKT is not a problem for me to announce another big opportunity for you who love blogging/reviewing about beauty issues. Last year, beside holding a super amazing event called Marina Beauty Days Out to Japan, Marina also held their annual blog competition in the early 2014 “MarinaNatural Beauty Blogger Competition” and this year Marina is holding a blog competition this early 2015 “Marina Body Essence Blog Competition”, so why don’t you join the blog competition by submitting your review & your experience using Marina Body Essence, the great news is you can have a chance to win super amazing gadgets (Samsung Galaxy Tab and Lenovo Smart Phone) for two BEST BLOGGERS + gaining your writing skill :)
And if you are a regular reader of this blog, I love all Marina products and I’ve reviewed about Marina UV White Body Essence.

Marina UV White Body Essence with multiple concentrations of active ingredients, will make our skins look whiter without re-darkening or dullness. Living in Manado which means I need to face the fact that the weather is easily changing spontaneous and as you being a public health student and a member of Manado rolling, I often spend my days outside doing my activities & hobbies so I need to protect my skin because it drained my skin and made me looked dull. Luckily, I have known this Marina Body Essence since last October 2014 and it became my best companion with its extra SPF 30 (it means it’ll protect your skin from dangerous UV A & B rays from the sun that might causing sunburn, unhealthy skin, darker skin, black spots, skin damage or worst skin cancer), Marina Body Essence also formulated with Superfruit Acai Beryy (high antioxidant), Vitamin B3 & E and 10x white Yogurt as skin nourishment boost. The fruit scent from this Body Essence totally my favorite part of this product.
Since this blog competition only open for Indonesian bloggers I’ll will explain about the rules in Bahasa Indonesia :)

1. Peserta Kompetisi Marina Body Essence Blog Competition hanya boleh mendaftarkan 1 blog saja & wajib mendaftar terlebih dahulu melalui page untuk pendaftaran ->
2. Wajib memposting/menulis artikel dengan tema dan kata kunci "Bagaimana Marina Body Essence memberikan hasil nyata kulit tampak lebih putih, gelap kusam tak kembali". Setiap peserta wajib menulis artikel dengan panjang minimal 400 kata dan harus mencantumkan linkback pada saat menyebutkan produk ke
3. Follow Twitter @sahabatmarina & Like Facebook Page Sahabat Marina
4. Peserta wajib memasang widget Marina Body Essence Blog Competition pada sidebar blog atau di dalam postingan sebagai tanda keikutsertaan kontes blog, serta wajib memasang banner kompetisi Marina Body Essence Blog Competition.
5. Artikel atau postingan tidak boleh menyinggung SARA, berbau pornografi dan melanggar undang undang yang berlaku di indonesia.
6. Share dan promosikan posting blog kamu di instagram dan twitter #MarinaBodyEssence dan mention @sahabatmarina
*Untuk info selanjutnya silahkan KLIK DISINI

5 Januari - 16 Februari 2015

Oya, aku juga mau berbagi 3 tips buat yang ingin memulai menulis blog khususnya yang ingin ikutan kompetisi blog Marina UV White Body Essence;

Pertama, tentukan dulu tema + bahan tulisan yang ingin kalian sampaikan, usahakan semenarik mungkin dengan tambahan foto-foto atau video yang mendukung tema tulisan kalian.
Kedua, pilih produk yang sesuai dengan keinginan dan yang cocok untuk kamu, karena tiap wanita memiliki kekhasan dan selera masing-masing.
Ketiga, yang terakhir adalah sebelum kalian menuliskan review tentang suatu produk, kalian perlu banget untuk mencoba terlebih dahulu produknya dan beri opini serta keseluruhan review sesuai dengan pengalaman kamu saat mencoba produk tersebut :)
Well, it’s that time of year where you need to take special care of your body skin and to have chance of winning one of both gadgets from Marina blog competition :)
Don’t be hesitate to leave a comment + your link post of the review on this blog post if you already posted one on your own blog, I’ll be happy to read your review :)
Good luck and stay gorgeous girls <3

If you want to give the Marina UV White Body Essence a try, they are available at your nearest mini market & supermarket and most places that sell makeup at an affordable price :D Additionally if you want more latest products of Marina, be sure to LIKE SAHABAT MARINA’s Facebook Page to get updates for more good beauty products and deals.



  1. great!

  2. best wishes on the comp. and really wish we had similar skin products here, but consumers over here are all about tans

  3. I wish they sold this in Japan! good luck with the competition! happy valentine's day!<3

  4. Looks like a nice product.

    Happy Valentines day. I'm giving away beauty products of a value of 200€. Visit my blog to enter <3

  5. Great post!

  6. nice post! i wish i bought this at home! wanna live in your country :)
    have a nice day!
    xx, Flora

  7. nice post!

  8. thats grew you use sunscreen everyday! it's so important these days to do it :)

  9. This post is just incredible! Well done :DD


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