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FINALLY! Yap, it's been a week that SRS Blog used its own domain, you can visit SRS BLOG by typing from now on :D I also made the new templates for this blog in order to make it look fresher and neat in a simple way though I am really sorry for saying this now, I've been so busy lately, I slept earlier, well that kind of some of good news from me but I also have bad news for you guys, if you've been following my Twitter you'll know that I have acute gastritis and diarrhea since yesterday :( Hope I could recover soon. Being unhealthy is unhappy :(
I had originally started my TUMBLR before I started this blog like I talked before. When I first started blogging, I really had no idea how to edit my photos even to edit the new templates for this blog. At the time, I started learning to use the Adobe Photoshop, I started how to take good photos, I started to using phone’s application related to photography, I started to decide which filters that suit my photos well. The point of this blog, it was all new to me. After trial & error, I eventually found my way around those tricks & applications, I even got to train my eye to see what colour palette I liked to distinguish my style. And now, I started to filming because I’ve been inspired by Michelle Phan, Irene Kim, Jenn Im, Wengie and Naomi Neo. I decided to create UP CLOSE to share inspiring things around me even though my videos on my Youtube channel still lame and not interesting at all, I am still learning now to make a good video. Learning to do these things might be completely challenging, but after I learn it, I found a new skill that can be marketable. Because of this, I’ve believed that we should always try to better ourselves and stay ahead of the market by learning as much as you can. So, please always support me my gorgeous readers <3
“If you’re versatile, you’re infinitely more valuable than someone who is more specific in their profession. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t specialize in your profession, but being able to wear many hats in the industry can only help you!”
-Chriselle Lim-
TOMKINS sneaker wedges / UNIQLO shirt / ADIDAS watch / COTTON ON bag



  1. You look marvellous, love this look, the red is perfection :)) And YAY...congrats on the .com for your blog, that is awesome...a great achievement as I love your blog and coming to see your posts. I agree with this Lim quote, it is very true these days, most stick to one thing, but I like to learn many things and be good at many things, somehow knowing one thing has always helped with the other. I hope your week has started great :) xx

  2. I love your new blog, it's indeed look fresher and neat :D
    Get well soon! May you recover very soon.


  3. Cool red shirt, I like your blog, f4f?

  4. I love this all red look! ever the busy bee :) have a great day!


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