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There were several moments back in these past weeks where I realized I wanted SRS Blog to be more than just my virtual personal diary. I want to manage this blog professionally, I want to help many people to get answers or inspirations in some fields that I understand, I want to try to explore more places so that my readers could get good recommendations to go, I want to experience different styles in hope you would know the style that suit your personality, I want to share everything I’ve been through so that you could learn something and be better person than me, I want to do many more good things in the following. I apologize because I’m disappearing from this blogosphere, truth be honest my life quite not good, there are so many problems I have to face, there are so many new people to handle, I need to adapt and be kind, so that problems wont come again.
Anyway, last January I finally changed my iPhone from 4S to 5S.
I miss blogging so much, I miss to be able to write blog post everyday and never tired to share about small things happen in my life, seriously by making this blog can make you inspired is my truly ultimate goal of blogging. So as the fresh start, I finally upload a post with my current hairstyle, short hair inspired by Kiko Mizuhara, I changed my style last December, officially saying good bye to my two-toned green hairs, I hope this hairstyle suits me well, what do you think?
For your information, this look has been awarded as THE FIRST WINNER of case of the day photo contest "Neon Theme" by COTDINDO x OOTDINDO <3 I am super happy
GAUDI dress / MINICCI bag / NIKE shoes / NAUGHTY beanie / LOLY POLY iPhone case



  1. I love the whole neon effect! So different to my style but I think you just gave me inspiration <3 You are so beautiful and I hope your blog goes a long way! <3 <3 keep it up beautiful. Loving your blog

  2. You look amazing, loooooooove these bright happy colours, so good :))) Love your blog doll :)) xx

  3. Love this post, you look amazing
    Check out my new post

  4. You look so good! You hair is flawless! I love the beanie, the dress,the coat,the sneakers, everything!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  5. I think you should do both personal entries and also outfit posts - your personal style is so unique!! I love this outfit too :)

  6. Such a fun look, love it!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post on: - Swedish Fashion Blogger and Model in TOKYO

  7. Loving the bright colors!
    Your hair look adorable that short :)

  8. love the colorways


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