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Here I am at the highest point in Japan (Mount Fuji) which stands at 3,776m (12,388feet) haha joking, actually I was but only at 2300m (5th station) and yes these photos taken from my last visit to Japan last Autumn season, you can see the previous post HERE AGAIN. Almost three quarters of Japan's land is either forest or mountains and is difficult to be made into farms, industrial or residential areas. So, if you are in Japan, visiting the iconic symbol of Japan is A MUST and I am so game to visit another mountains in Japan.
As we moved closer to mount Fuji, however we began to see less houses, more trees and when we were at Subaru highway leading up tp mount Fuji, we heard the road plays a tune? Wait, what? Yes, the roads play a song “Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo / Look up at the stars in the night" by Kyu Sakamoto sounds when our bus' wheels pass over the grooves in the road, the music is caused by rumble strips of specific width spaced at strategic distances on the pavement. Whoah driving up and down Mt. Fuji, the road plays a tune <3 (I put the video about the singing road below the post).
The sun appeared and disappeared as the bus makes its way up through the mountains but by the time we arrived at Mount Fuji's fifth station.

AND THEN............

Hello, the beautiful Fujiyama.
Actually I wasn’t be able to seeing the snow-capped peak of Japan's no.1 volcano, mount Fuji. Nevertheless, I was glad because at least Mount Fuji herself comes into view, my prayer had been granted!
So I made my top of my list of things to do when I come back to mount Fuji :
1. To capture beautiful photos of the snow-capped peak of mount Fuji from my own DSLR camera & phone’s camera 
2. Climbing to the 10th station to witness the sun rising
This volcano is notoriously shy, hiding away from view behind mist and clouds for a lot of the year. 
There are a total of 10 stations for tourists on mount Fuji. Regular tourists who arrive on tour buses in large groups are normally allowed to go up to the 5th station, while mountaineers are allowed to go up all the way to the 10th station. 
While I was there, I looked in the gift shops and bought some chocolates, snacks and cookies. 
The view from here is truly amazing. 
The first dorayaki I ate in Japan and successfully made me one of a fan of Dorayaki, I always buy dorayaki everytime I go to Family Mart & Lawson >,<


The easy way to get there with Japan Rail Pass (http://www.jrpass.com) :
1. Shinjuku (JR Chuo line) -> Otsuki (Fujikyu line) -> Kawaguchiko -> Mt. Fuji

2. Tokyo (Shinkansen or JR Tokaido line) -> Odawara -> local trains or buses -> Hakone region -> Mt. Fuji

1. The best time to catch the beautiful view of Mount Fuji is early in the morning, in the less hazy spring and autumn seasons.
2. For those who want to climb, the official climbing season is from July to August.
It can take 7 hours each way to climb, conditions are very rocky and cold at night so come prepared.
3. To be able to hear the singing road, you have to take bus / car when you visit mount Fuji, at the Subaru highway you need to keep the car windows closed to hear well.

This video taken from HERE




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  2. oh my gosh that must have been an awesome experience!!


  3. Ah.. Such a nice view! I miss Japan..
    Have fun!

  4. Love it!
    Amazing photo!

  5. This looks like an amazing trip! Wonderful!



  6. I would like to go to Japan! <3

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  7. I still haven't been to mt. fuji... your pictures are amazing! hope you had a good time there :)

  8. Mount Fuji is really beautiful, I hope I could visit it one day.


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