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I realized my life-time goal is being a Wanderlust;
"a strong desire for traveling or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world".

Traveling…..The thing that I really like to do, local or international. In my humble opinion, traveling is the best way a person could live the life to the fullest. By traveling, we got to see and discover new world as much as our souls allow us to.

No matter where you are traveling to, a good preparation is the key to a stress-free and memorable trip. Making a checklist of what you need for your trips is a must, not to mention about priorities (pack all the necessary things) for your carry-on bags. There are two big reasons why we should bring carry-on bag whenever we go discovering new place/city/country;
1. There are no fees charged for carry-on bags. 
2. Checked bags are more likely to be lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged. So, for my important items, I always put them in my carry-on bags.
When picking the perfect bag for traveling, the size is the one thing I consider the most matter, I need my bag can be filled with my important belongings. My kind of bag for traveling is a standard size, stylish and light. I always bring two carry-on bags with me every time I travel. And this time, I want to share you about my Top 17 Carry-On Items for traveling. Start from..…

1. personal hygiene items & toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, face cleanser, hand body lotion, deodorant)
2. beauty kit (lip balm, make-up remover, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, BB cream, eyebrow pencil, hairbrush)
3. money & ATM card
4. hat & accessories
5. sunglasses
6. outerwear (coat/jacket)
7. a book
8. neck pillow 
9. additional panties
10. camera SLR & lenses
11. laptop
12. smartphone
13. ear phones
14. pocket wifi
15. chargers & portable charger 
16. travel documents : ID card, driving license, passport & visa (if required), tickets, maps etc
17. language books


Tips :
1. Do not over pack, its no fun lugging around a heavy bag with things you don’t even need.
2. Expect the unexpected and think of it as an adventure, not an inconvenience.

Happy Traveling <3
Anyway, this is my kind of wanderlust in style. Like I told on my Airport Fashion post, for whatever reason, I have always gravitated towards skirts/dresses more than pants (except for leggings/shorts). I like to do whatever is the quickest and easiest to save time whenever I go to the airport for traveling and I always pack for sophistication and comfort.
I love a structured outer in a pastel color paired with a dress I bought at Harajuku, Japan + a stylish bag I bought at Alam Sutra Mall, Tangerang + a platform loafers I bought at Senayan City, Jakarta. I wore this outfit when I had a meet up with Jakarta fashion bloggers & Jakarta fashion students at Djournal Coffee, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

| What I Wore : H&M divine dress / MANGO platform loafers / NEW LOOK bag / FARCUCHE outwear |
#Fashion bloggers + Fashion Students meet up#
(MargaretaAddinaIlonk, yours truly, VeneziaAmalia)
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  1. I love your bag and shoes sweetie! all blue suits you so well :)

  2. And I gravitate towards cozy pants and sweater for my airport style, because I always get cold with dresses or skirt and t-shirts on the plane :) Though you put a lovely outfit together!!

    1. I've been following you via gfc for quite some time ;))

  3. Gorgeous outfit, love the blue :))) Beautiful you :) x

  4. I love all of the blue tones in this look - Super cute :)
    Love Emina


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    Bloglovin: https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12856043

  5. If you don't mind, can I join the meet up with you guys next time? And if it's okay, would you mind to tell me on my line (my line's ID is same like my Instagram's ID). Thanks before :)

    Visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  6. I absolutely love this post - you look amazing in that dress! And your advice for packing & travelling is great too, it consists of tips one should always keep in mind!

  7. Amazing, thanks for sharing!x


  8. Like the way you paired those colors!


  9. love all these fun colors together!


  10. Really love the combination of blue!! Well done! :)

  11. Such a cute dress! loove your shoes <3
    xx Ama


  12. Thats a lovely carry on bag! I love the pop of blue colour :) Nice way to play it up by styling it with a blue outfit!
    I think blue is my favourite colour to wear ;) You look great! And I agree with what you say about traveling. Its amazing to go to different places, experience new things, and meet new people!

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  13. Love this look! Great color on you!


  14. Hi Ollyvia!

    My favorite tip you mentioned is to pack light! I seem to always pack too much that I never use! So my best way to refrain from doing this is to recall all the things that sat in my suitcase and to remember how hard it was to lug all that extra stuff around! I totally agree with you on this one…

    Kiss kiss

    adorn la femme

  15. Keren sekali sayang!!! Tasnya lucu sekali!!! xx



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