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Hello gorgeous :) How are you? I hope you all are fine, healthy and blessed.
Yeah I know I know, I’ve been absence for a month, if you followed my Instagram you might know the reasons why I didn’t blog for these past weeks because I lost my beloved grandmother because she was sick last July, that’s a heartbreaking fact to my life even though the family had been preparing during her sickness. My heart felt so empty knowing she left us forever for the good reason, rest herself in peace up there with God. You always be in our hearts, Oma.

I also have graduated as a bachelor of Public Health on 5th August 2015, so between took care of grandmother, I had been busy doing my internship assignment, busy preparing my undergraduate thesis. There were difficult things happened successfully made me worried and almost lost hope but I’m thankful to Lord Jesus who strengthens me that I still have my faith that those things too shall pass. I never believed that I would graduated this month, it’s all because His grace. God is amazing. And this week I really had a good time with my dad mom and the family traveled around some local tourism locations (mostly I visited the local infamous beaches) near Bitung city, Minahasa Utara and Bolaang Mongondow.

Enough with the explanation of my absence, meanwhile I am trying to drag myself to be productive again. To push away the sadness and laziness in me, because all people who love me want me to keep chasing all my dreams and make them come true, to keep moving forward and face all the failures because somehow it can point me in the right directions :) Life is about taking risks, making efforts, stay calm and always be grateful. Every day is a new start, a new chapter of life to turn everything around nicely, you have to let go of the hurt before you can start fresh. Stay gorgeous people <3

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words”
I apologise for uploading too much photos here. I can't resist to take an OOTD shoot when I visited Tomohon City. And the fact I dress myself up that day. I wore awesome and unique striped top from Tresa Shop collection <3

These lovely photos taken at the flower garden in Tomohon City, the mount you see here is Mount Lokon.
The next location, I also visited Prayer Hill (Bukit Doa) that day. I once went to this place a year ago, you can read the two posts "The Great Hill In Town" and "A Greet From Bukit Doa".
Believe me, the cardigan I got from Tresa Shop is the comfiest cardigan I ever worn in my life. The material is so soft <3
Back to nature <3
The view is totally amazing, right?
| What I Wore : Zalora (sponsored) gladiator chunky platform sandals / MINICCI bag (bought at Payless) / TRESA SHOP (sponsored) striped top + cardigan / RIPCURL snapback (bought at Planet Surf) / ROPE PICNIC skirt |
The last tourism location I visited that day is the infamous Danau Linow.
Which one you like the best? Wearing cardigan or not?
In case you haven't watched my latest UP Close Diary episode 6 ;p




  1. pretty shots..
    nice look..

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. Sorry for your loss my dear. Life goes on and know that your grandmother will always bee looking after you from above. :)

    Anyway, love your outfit here and the photos are beautiful! Love the flower field!!! <3

    xx, J | A Blissful Blog


  4. So pretty! I love your outfit, especially your cute necklace <3 Anyway, I'm sorry for your lost. Stay strong, Lyv! And once again, congratulation for your graduation. See you soon! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  5. Wow! that field full of flowers is very dreamy!!! Awesome place for photos!

    Curious Little Kat

  6. Lauraaaa you're s cuteeee i love the colors of your outfit :) and sorry for your lost stay strong yaa lau :)


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