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With International Kissing Day in July, SRS Blog doing a collaboration video and blog post project with South East Asia' largest beauty e-tailer, LUXOLA to dedicate the month of July by being a part of Read My Lipstick Campaign showing SRS' favorite 3 lipsticks combined with 3 different outwears.

Don’t put your high expectation because I am not a beauty guru, I seldom put make up on my face but it doesn’t mean I hate make up. I love make up and the truth is I love watching Michelle Phan’s beauty videos on Youtube, she is totally my role model. I promised to myself that I’ll be like one of those beauty bloggers if that day has come LOL (the thing is I don’t when will it exactly happen? ;p) and I would like to thank for giving me these 3 lipsticks which already made me use lipsticks frequently like every time I go out <3.
First Look "Girl Next Door Pink"

This Etude House lipstick is the best one for college student like me. It gives a well-moisturized lips and a satin finish. Very suit with your daily activity.
Tips : When you use this lipstick make sure that your lips are in the its best condition, it will give you a slightly glossy on lips after several minutes it will turn to be a satin.
I usually apply a lipstick straight from the tube.
I love this tube design from Etude House, so unique and pretty <3.
Now this is what called the perfect everyday Pink <3
Second Look "Grab And Go Matte"

When you are feeling exhausted, use this NYX Matte - Summer Breeze to brighten your lips up. It's kind of my daily lipstick nowadays, I love matte finish. It gives me a fresher look and perk up my tired face. Not to mention this lipstick is a long-lasting one.
Tips : Before applying this lipstick, you should use your very light lip balm to moisturize your lips.
Third Look "Glam Me Up Red"

Who’s with me that red lipstick looks good on every girl?
I really love L’Oreal Paris in Riche Moist Matte, it has just the perfect amount of red, The color itself is more red and bright but not shiny. It’s true that a lovely matte finish will complement any outfit from casual to chic, in my case I use red lipstick for certain occasion and event only.
Guide to choose Lipstick : The secret is finding the perfect shade to enhance your natural features and skin tone. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shade of lipsticks until you find the right one.
For you who have been looking for a guide to choose which lipstick and shade of lipstick you should buy, know the history of lipstick, how to apply lipstick, how to remove lipstick and know the difference between a sheer and satin finish. You should read this Luxola’s e-magazine article “Expand Your Lipstick Lexicon With This Guide to Lipstick

Hope this guide has provided some helpful information about lipstick.
And for my SRS readers you can get 15% off for your first order at using my voucher code BLX-SRS valid till 31 August (not applicable on non-discountable brands found in Luxola FAQ). Stay gorgeous.




  1. Love the colors, the NYX one is my favorite. Looks real pretty on you :)

  2. pink shades with warm undertones suit you best.. the l'oreal one looks great on you!

  3. your stunning! and i love your style!

    - gaia

  4. love all the different lip colors!! your hair is growing so fast! this is a nice length on you honey :) hope you are doing well!!

  5. I want that one!!! <3


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