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Though my graduation celebration had been over last month, I still want to share with you guys, one of my happiness moments happened to my life in 2015. The moment that sunk in that I am finally done with school, I’ve been in college for 3 years 11 months. Literally it declares that I am officially a freelancer, somehow it sounds pathetic and weird to me, not to mention I officially became a full time blogger >.<
It’s so hard to process that I am now a part of the real purpose of living as an adult in this world. It feels great because it’s done but it’s weird that I have to start doing as the adults do, so any fresh graduates out there who have same feeling as me?
I’m really thankful to God that my hands are full with just the right amount of everything I consider important and blessings in my life from graduation, doing local trips with family, blogging related passion & work, the opportunities I get, and lastly a privilege to keep breathing in order to live and to inspire others. Yes, I know there are a lot of things I don’t have and the dreams, the experiences which I still have yet to achieve, even I have to face the fact that I lost my beloved grandmother, had to deal with some failures, the disappointments I got from plenty people, felt worried and depressed, being rejected, still haven’t met my soulmate but with all those blessings God has given to me and because my parents always teach me to be a thankful person, who can blame me if I feel like I have everything? :)
I am happy and blessed because after I graduated college, I got busier with a packed schedule I made for my life, I had been a lazy potato head back then, I am aware now that I have plenty responsibilities both for my personal life and family. I am still searching for the company to work in Balikpapan or Manado before applying a scholarship abroad (I always pray to God for this because studying abroad to get my master of public health has been my goal right now). I’ve also tried to lose all the weight I gained after graduated. So I make sure and put a lot of effort to eat healthier for LUNCH AND DINNER and watch my food intake per day, to get back to running track again.
On 20th August, 2015, I officially have SKM at the end of my name! For those of you who don't know, the past few years I have spent my life as a public health student in Sam Ratulangi University. Being teenager to adult, doing so many activities like being basketball player, joined skate community in Manado Rolling City, being a (life)style blogger also worked as Marina Icon Beauty Blogger 2014, now being a fashion influencer as Clozette Ambassador and studying as public health student at the same time is tough indeed, but for me to finally see this day, I couldn't be happier to have made it this far. The reason why I am sharing this with all of you is not to show off or to impress you, but I write this post to impress upon you that we are all capable of doing great things in life, if we just first have faith in ourselves, chasing the dreams we made, working with hearth and big passion and never give up.

Hoping my bachelor will always be a channel of blessing for everyone :) I believe whether you are a bachelor or not, success depends on your hard work, integrity, creativity, responsibility. Being a cum laude student with highest GPA doesn't make me successful in the future, the percentages of being successful with that title only 5%. I need to keep improving myself to always be the best version of Ollyvia Laura, must be stronger than I used to, start living as an independent woman, never lose faith. This just a little step to enter a new whole world, never stop learning.

Have a great vision and be daring enough to have a big dream, because that’s how it all started for "ME".
I wouldn't be here achieved all the things I have now without the help and the love from these super amazing people I have in my life. My precious parents who always support me in every condition <3
Without them I won't be the person I'm supposed to be right now. I hope i could make you all proud one day. 
If you are regular readers of SRS Blog, this background might seem so familiar with you haha these pictures taken in front of my uncle's garage.
Around 2 o'clock, I went to Aston Manado hotel with mom dad, uncle, Cian, Lingkan and Jordan to attend my public health graduation ceremony at Dahlia Ballroom.
Before the event starts I managed to take pictures with my lecturers and some fellow friends. Last August, only 8 students from the year of 2011 who graduated, the rest of my 300 fellow friends from 2011 are still preparing for their thesis, I always pray for my friends Pingkan, Riyadi, Fista, Hutri, Cian, Roland, Junita, Christiani, Monica, Deis, Mentari, Jimmy P, Jimmy T, Gerry A, Reity, Alam, Mercy, Niayuvina, Billy, Anindhita, Tria, Shera Reky, Zachary, Fabyo and the others to be graduated this November 2015. All the best for you all guys.
Our Vice Dean of Academics, dr. Budi T. Ratag, MPH & Vice Dean of Student Affairs, dr. Paul A. T. Kawatu, MSc.
The new Dean and the new Vice Deans.
My Epidemiology lecturers and classmates :D
Yours truly giving the "thank-you" speech.
The master of ceremony that day, my junior Abraham Wongkar and his partner.
Of course I won't dress my usual look on that day. I chose to be sophisticated this time, wearing purple Indonesian Kebaya paired with silked skirt and a white platform heels from Gosh <3 Once in a lifetime moment, I wanted to graduate in style too ;p
For my graduation makeup, I wanted a simple eye-makeup and a Korean base-makeup, as for my hair, I got help from a hairstylist to create the curl. Do you like the look on me?
My junior, Lingkan who also came from Balikpapan. She is a 5th semester public health student at Public Health faculty, UNSRAT Manado became my personal photographer along with her boyfriend Jordan. Thank you for the help, lovebirds.
The event ended and we still managed to take group pictures hihihi
With our beautiful Dean of Public Health faculty UNSRAT, Prof. Dr. dr. Grace Debbie Kandou, MKes.



  1. DEAR! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so so happy for you :) :) you look amazing!

  2. Lauraaa you look so prettyyyy :) never seen you with make up before :) and congratulationsss yaa :)

  3. Once again, congratulations for your graduation dear! I really love your platform heels anyway <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Congratulations for graduating! Your post inspires me :)

  5. Congratulations on your graduation! You just fulfilled another step in your life. Your ceremony reminds me we didn't have such a ceremony, when I graduated university was a silent day like any other day. Not only for me but for all our colleagues.

  6. parabéns <3 mulher mais linda
    xoxo Sandra Color-s

  7. congraduation! welcome to the real world hehehe. semoga ilmunya bermanfaat yaa

  8. So amazing!!! BIG congratulations to you :)) Well done xx

  9. once again congrats Lyv! love the makeup :)
    hahahaha i noticed that IPK kita samaaaa hahaha see you real soon!

    Beauty Appetite

  10. I looove your shoes!!! ♡♡♡♡

    ·Alas de Angel·

  11. Hi!
    We're same as the fresh graduate. Feeling same with you full of fear, fright, scare about something that I dont know. btw! Congratulation!!! cant wait my graduation day on oct! anyway! you're sexy with the white heels :D

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  13. Hi Girl!

    Congratulations for graduating! Your post inspires me :)

    We would be happy to see your happy pretty face there!


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