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As promised, I'll blog about the latest awesome & creative event in my lovely city, Balikpapan known as Loop Pop Up Market Balikpapan held at Mall Balikpapan Baru parking area for 4 days (1st - 4th October, 2015). I didn't come to the opening on 1st October because I just arrived in Balikpapan that day so I only managed to visit this event on 2nd October & 4th October. And here's my own photo diary of Loop Pop Up Market Balikpapan. Happy reading <3

On 2nd October, I went to that event at night with my friend, Myra and my cousin, Rika. That day was surprisingly crowded, I never eat kue cubit for my whole life, so when my new social media friend, Gais told me that I could eat kue cubit at the event (he asked me to come to that event) and I couldn't say no because it's kue cubit hihihi
Kue cubit literally pinch cake is a common bite-sized Indonesian snack that has made big hit in recent months. It is a small-rounded cake. The cake is called “kue cubit” because of its small size: to eat it one has to pinch it.
I bought kue cubit at Kucubite stand, the owner is my senior in high school.
A new ice cream craze, es krim cacing Balikpapan

On the last day of Loop Pop Up Market Balikpapan, I came to the event around 3pm because I was told that there was a Social Media Creative Talk at 3pm. Actually the creative talk was postponed, it started around 4pm, so I walked around to see some fashion booths at the moment I entered the gate.
Support local products @anakmudabpp
Next to my favorite hangout place which is Food Stands ;p
Tried beef Hasimaki at SushiNei stand that day, super yummy ;p (I am drooling right now).
FYI, we can't purchase foods or fashion items using cash money, we used t-cash / e-money (you need to activate t-cash at register booth) then when we want to buy some local products or buy some tasty snacks just tap your t-cash which is affixed behind your phone case and happy shopping and chewing everyone ;p
My favorite ice green tea, tejo
Sipu, Silky Pudding.
Met new friend there, Gais Andrew, I knew this creative guy only from Instagram and Facebook.
So happy to know that social media has brought me to be surrounded by amazing and creative people, from strangers to good friends.
Thank you Gais for telling me about this event. Hope to see you around and let's make another creative project together to inspire Balikpapan youths ;p
Social Media creative talk (Instalk : Instagram Talk) by ka Aima & Ka Luthfan, hosted by ka Elsa (the founder of InstaBPN).
Ka Aima and ka Luthfan shared about their experiences as travellers and the perks of being digital influencers, oh they also shared some tips to produce beautiful and artsy Instagram photos. How cool <3
Chewing this half-done kue cubit (green tea flavor & red velvet flavor) with topping koko crunch from @cubittoos_bpn stand. Look carefully, the top still soft and doughy, fresh from the stove. My mouth is watering right now LOL.
Note : The right way to eat these little cakes is by pinching them between your fingers and biting in.
Thank you to the creative people behind this awesome event and for always supporting creative industries and the economy of Balikpapan. From local to local <3



  1. Looks like a great event!


  2. so much fun

  3. Great you share what happened in your city! Cool market

    Thanks for your message on my blog:) If you are interested in follow each other please let me know. xo


    Insta @cocojeansblog

  4. Oh my, all that food! :D How I wish we had similar event here... now I'll go and eat my chocolate ;) xx Maja
    ☀ http://majasmuffin.blogspot.co.at/

  5. I am so in love with your hair!! the color really suits you<3 this even looks so fun, looking at all the yummy food!

  6. Gorgeous! looks life a fun time and so many beautiful photos

    Kiki Simone

  7. Delicious food, i want to eat very much!

  8. How I wish we had similar event here!

  9. Seems so fun! and all soo yummie !!


  10. great photos.
    makes me hungry


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