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If I could eat Indonesian traditional foods and western snacks at one place that would be Tongji Tea House. One of those hidden gems I spotted when I lived in Manado city. What keeps bringing back to Tongji Tea House is because they have plenty selection of Indonesian traditional foods and some western snacks that are locally sourced with affordable price (including tax) and of course not to mention their various traditional recipe of tea since 1938 blended by using a charcoal stove and bamboo pot. The best tea ever for all tea lovers.

Last but not least,Tongji Tea House’s interior is so unique, it's green park themed, so if you happen in Manado you must visit Tongji Tea House Megamall Manado. Actually there are two Tongji Tea Houses at Kawasan Megamas, one is located in Multi Mart Megamall second floor next to Cabe Merah restaurant. But I highly recommend you to visit their new Tongji Tea House located in Megamall Manado if you want to experience the cozy place with the nature and playground vibe ;p And I wish there will be Tongji Tea House soon in Balikpapan.

The infamous Tahu Kemul, my favorite traditional snack so far. Nyam nyam nyam and Jasmine tea
Orea Milk Tea
Bread Talk blackforrest in cups
Tempe Mendoan, second favorite snack
Mie Goreng Gila (crazy fried noddles)
Nasi Goreng Presiden (President fried rice)
Nasi Goreng Terasi (fried rice with shrimp paste)
Mie Jawa (Java noodles)
Paket Ayam Serundeng Komplit
Mas Narto Martabak Manis cokelat
I also decided to take some outfit photos and my UP Close Diary mini project while I was at it.

| What I wore : AVENUE dress / RAY BAN sunglasses / FOREVER 21 bag |

Tongji Tea House Megamall Manado
Piere Tendean street, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Pro :
- Serving both tasty Indonesian traditional foods and western snacks.
- It has so many tables with various seating design (from swinging chairs to rotating seats)
- Good interior design, you can choose your own good spot, indoor or outside.
- Affordable price.
- You can order foods by yourself (by picking up the the food cards and delivered them to the cashier).

Con :
- Long queue, because it's people's favorite place to eat.
- The foods are bit of late to come.
- Always full of people

Eating Hours :
Everyday, 10.30am - 10.00pm

Website :




  1. kacamatanya lucuuuu.. ini tongji yang jualan teh bukan sih? kalo disini tong ji tuh merk teh hahahahha

    Jessie | Beauty Appetite

  2. great post and photos:) Kisses! :)

  3. I need to go here! thanks for sharing these lovely photos! stomach is growling now haha

  4. Those foods look so delicious!

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  5. I'm not sure when I can visit but I hope very soon !!!

  6. i love their tea! (which is about the only thing i've ever tasted from them hahaha)

  7. yummm!!
    back to sending my love from the sandpit...


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