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Today, BPNFOODIES celebrated their first anniversary at The Black Pepper restaurant. BPNfoodies is a Balikpapan food community where all the people gathered with a particular interest in food. If you are living in Balikpapan or happen to be in Balikpapan, you must follow @bpnfoodies and @dapurbalikpapan, trust me you won't be hungry too death in this town because their Instagrams are always filled by the best list of food recommendations.

It was the first time I went to food lover gathering in Balikpapan and I am not lying that I really had a good time with all of them, I met a lot of new friends, my long lost friends and not to mention my forever bestfriends since I was a kid, they are foods LOL but it's true, my weaknesses have always been foods ;p
All the BPNfoodies members are so humble and funny, although as I told you on RARA IRENG post that I am such a shy person when I've just met with new people, but it was just short time till I can adapt with the situation and finally can communicate with them, I think that's because we have something in common; we love eating.
Too bad I didn't have much time to get to know them one by one, I should have known their names, although I know, I already followed certain foodies on Instagram. Well, that's okay, I'll try again next time.
Loads of colourful foods and drinks with delicious smells prepared by BPNFoodies (and their vendor + sponsors; The Black Pepper, House of Beer Balikpapan, Mahony Cakes, Daily Dairy Needs, Tejo Dessert, Sushinei and ReMarsha Shycake).

"Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate."
-A lan D. Wolfelt-
I was shocked when Pakde Herrie spontaneously asked me to hold The Black Pepper's big sized hamburger and latte, I was panicked too death while all the BPNfoodies members kept taking photos of me holding those foods. Seriously I was a camera shy person (even I am a blogger), I just couldn't handle myself to not being shy in front all those photographers. In the end, I was succeed in dealing with the struggles, but I guess I wasn't really ready.
Thanks to my friend, Gais Andrew for being a volunteer take some photos for my blog. Also I used some of pakde Herrie (the founder of instagram BPNFOODIES)' photos because I came late and didn't manage to capture the "celebration moment".
All I can do was just laughing with no reason.
And busy staring at the street.
FACT : Sad that I couldn't taste all the served foods today because I have a huge commitment to do, to start my diet program regarding Christmas almost here and I need to make my Christmas dress. So yeah, I only drank Tejo Dessert (ice green tea) T.T

*The People*
Never forget to snapping. Follow my snapchat account "OLLYVIALAURA" to see what happened today at BPNFoodies' first anniversary party.
Arief and I had our own version of Korean drama's romantic foam-scene, yeah we were a total crazy people when we met.
The god fathers of BPNFOODIES; pakde Hery Susanto, kak Sirius Black aka Ninokiee and kak Zwageri Silva.
Once again. Happy 1st Anniversary BPNFOODIES :)
Till the next post <3



  1. What a lovely post to read on this rainy day!! Though, I am hungrier now than I was before :) BTW - I totally love your hair and that BURGER OMG! It looks amazing, was it? I can completely relate to what it feels like having your photo taken. I don't like it, honestly. And as a blogger, it is really weird for me even now to do so.


  2. happy 1st anniv! haha wanna taste that all :3


  3. Looks like alot of fun with the good food and company :) Would love to try out the coffee!

    Real Life Nerd // www.vivienekok.com

  4. wow!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  5. Lauraaaa km makan terussss bikin aku pengen :D love this post anw, seruuu banget tiap foto nya :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    read my new post :


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