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Well, I was just amazed when I watched Fashion Trunk Show by Srintil Models this night at Parking Area, Ewalk (Balikpapan Super Block). They did fashion show for Welcoming Days event. I went to Welcoming Days for visiting some friends who are selling out some fresh drinks and ice burger, then decided to watch the Fashion Trunk Show.

In my humble opinion, Srintil decided to wrap up today's Fashion Show with something a bit unusual: a runway show featuring Takata Collections which are somewhat more toned down. The show demonstrated the incredible creativity of fashion in Japan's vibrant and taste.
Just look at these young models with their unique styles. Attractive and full of enthusiasm.
By the way I love the make up for today's show <3 See you guys in another fashion show.
Create your own visual style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
-Orson Welles-

Outfits by Takata collections, Bandung, Indonesia
Models : Srintil Agency
Make Up : Emma Pratiwi
Hair Do : Tian
Stylist : Chandra Saputra
Photographers : Ridwan Wijaya & Jeje Resa Putra



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