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I admit it school does its best to prepare our selves for working life but you must know that what you've been through in college days doesn't cover everything, your experiences and your achievements does help you. So from now on, move on, work your ass off but keep playing hard and having fun with life because life is not about working, eating and sleeping.
You gotta have to learn things on your own, be blogger, be stylist, be marketer, be model, be entrepreneur, be hero, be politician, well just be what ever you want. Stop worrying about the future, stop thinking about one job. We have to explore everything as much as we can explore. 
You can’t just sit around all day, wait for good things to happen.
You have to make a move. If you want to go somewhere, then go. Don’t let anything hold you back from doing what you want.
Be stubborn to your goals, your boss (as long as you're under pressured) but always be flexible in your methods, your plans, like Raisa said :)
Never in my life I thought striped maxi dress is made to fit my body shape, I have pear body shape, but yeah thanks to @Social_Ind for giving me this piece of maxi dress because I started to like wearing long dress, it looks simple yet stylish. Do you agree? Thanks to God too for giving me such a strong confidence that I can still wear whatever I love without giving a damn to people's stares or comments related to my sense of style #BloggersFirstProblem

| What I Wore : @SOCIAL_IND (sponsored) striped maxi dress / SOMETHING BORROWED from Zalora Indonesia (sponsored) shoes / ZALORA INDONESIA (sponsored) bag |

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  1. lovely
    new post

  2. great look! love your dress!

  3. Hi beautiful! I adore your blog and your style, keep stylish :)

    Wanna follow each other? I already follow yours, now its your turn to follow mine

    xoxo, Sylvi Gautama

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